Using a research community has many advantages, with one of the most important aspects being the speed at which members of the community can participate in a study. Communities allow direct access to key consumers, and can be leveraged for any kind of needed market research—quantitative, qualitative or hybrid projects. At InsightsNow, we have two curated, proprietary communities ready to participate.
Through online research communities, researchers can have long-term access to insights regarding emotions and perceptions of consumers if they choose to do a continuous engagement or long-term study. Through online tools like discussion forums and idea boards, researchers have the unique opportunity for community members to engage with one another as well for even more insight.

Primary Shopper Category Advisors

InsightsNow’s Primary Shopper Category Advisor research community includes consumers who are pre-screened as shoppers with specific buying behaviors or specific category buyers. This community is available for all kinds of market research studies, but frequently this group participates in Home-Use-Testing (HUTs) and product evaluations. Because of this, this Primary Shopper Category Advisors community is designed to reside in key markets to ensure they can pick up product from specific locations—or products can be couriered directly to their homes. These collaborations support your product testing initiatives in a range of products and services.


Clean Label Enthusiasts®

Looking to discover what’s trending in food, beverage, personal care and household care? InsightsNow’s trend-identifying Clean Label Enthusiasts® (CLE) community can help. This proprietary segmentation of consumers make product choices heavily influenced by ingredients—they regularly inspect the label of every product they consider buying to make sure it is a clean product and generally prefer “natural” products. Members of this research community have distinct points of view about ingredients, claims and brands.



Tap into the minds of your consumers through InsightsNow’s online custom market research communities, built with you—and for you—based on your business need. These communities will provide usable behavioral insights into challenges and opportunities in all arenas of your business, including product development, brand positioning and marketing messaging.

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