Recorded June 24, 2021

Presenter:   Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer and Dr. Kenny McMahon, Sr. Research Director

As companies strive to gain a competitive edge, one consumer-centric strategy for market leaders is to establish a direct relationship with their most valuable asset: their consumer and/or customer base.

An online community serves to gather a group of consumers who have willingly opted in to engage in research activities including quantitative and qualitative studies on an ongoing basis.

Having a pre-screened and motivated community of consumers who are accustomed to articulating opinions or feedback in a particular platform speeds the execution of research projects, whilst saving resources (time and money).

Communities allow researchers to leverage various activities, tools, and methodologies, to generate an insightful landscape of the consumer experience and journey, enhancing the ability to uncover behavioral insights.

In this session we explore the benefits of four different research community strategies and the best way to leverage communities to deliver insights which give you a competitive edge.

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