Working with InsightsNow To Uncover Human Truths

We believe in the transformational power of connecting research insights with strategic decisions. So we partner with innovators, visionaries and leaders to leverage our expertise and connect the dots between insights and strategy using a behavioral lens to multiply our client success outcomes.

By applying the science of human psychology and behavior to your product innovation and development, brand positioning, and consumer marketing research projects, you get to the real answers you need faster. In partnering with InsightsNow, you will be delving into the “why” to quickly drive greater business success. 

We work closely with our client partners on creative, collaborative and innovative solutions, discovered through brainstorming with you to invent the best way to get the insights needed.

We bring passion about discovering people’s beliefs, behaviors, triggers, cues and motivations to help you identify unexpected human truths which can inform and inspire effective front-end innovation, product development, brand positioning, marketing and messaging.



Wherever your products or services fall in their lifecycle or in the spectrum of a buyer’s purchase journey, uncovering deeper insights from your target customers will give you a market edge. Using proprietary behavioral frameworks that look at modes of thinking, attitudes, emotions, and use contexts, we uncover moments of opportunity and provide tools and cues that help you disrupt or nudge people toward finding their needs met in your offerings.  


A personalized end-to-end custom research package including study definition, survey design, execution, analysis, and reporting to your specifications.


Sprint through stages of innovation by applying iterative learning sprints in a collaborative product development process. Cut time and costs to achieve market winning products.


Time-efficient, collaborative approaches, applications and tools for hands-on access consumer insights within basic research designs. Easy to get started, and get it done!



By becoming more behavioral in the way we look at humans we gain new insight about why products succeed—from innovation to branding to messaging. Looking at moments of consumer motivations and behaviors in relation to all phases of the business, we help you bring more successful products to market, faster.

No part of the development process exists in a silo, so at InsightsNow we look to tie these three areas of applications together through deep dives into human behavior. We all are motivated by what we “sense” in the moment – whether it’s a product on the store shelf, a brand impression or a marketing message. We have sensory cues that signal “approach” or “avoid” through emotions such as fear, hope or desire.

What is behind all this? The human. When you look at behavior, rather than demographics and other dry data, you go to the heart of the matter faster, more effectively. and then have greater success in market.


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InsightsNow’s Product Spark™ is an innovative, proprietary exploration that gives unparalleled insight into behavior and usage. This multi-modal, immersive approach puts the consumer in context with your product and allows you to design and develop on a deeper level for the highest level of product success.

Product Spark™ is one of InsightsNow’s unique research methodologies included in the BehaviorLens Approach® group of behavioral research frameworks.

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Research participants, as well as most people, want to give “right” answers, especially if asked to predict their future behavior. With this challenge, how do you dig deeper and elicit honest, accurate predictors of their acceptance of products or ingredients?

Implicit/explicit testing leverages context to measure emotional and rational reactions which motivate decisions and behavior, especially acceptance versus avoidance behaviors.

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Our BehaviorLens® Approach behavioral frameworks forms the basis of InsightsNow research methodologies

Viewing humans through a behavioral lens provides new insights about why products succeed—from innovation to branding to messaging.

Looking at moments of consumer motivations and behaviors in relation to all phases of the business helps you bring more successful products to market, faster. What is behind all this? The human.

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Unlock Prospective Thinking to Change Behavior with PlayFULL Insights®

PlayFULL Insights® (PFI), a play-based behavioral research methodology, is a powerful way to unlock the prospective thinking behind key consumer decisions. Prospective thinking is an innate way of remembering the past to anticipate and imagine future outcomes. To influence—and potentially change—consumer behavior, companies need to fully understand their customer’s mindset, and using this play-based can do just that.

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 ShopperLens® includes multiple methods to focus on moments in people’s purchase journey to uncover opportunities to disrupt or nudge their behavior.  We identify motivations and triggers which influence purchase. Then we dig deeper into why the triggers work so brands can build a portfolio of influence.

Whether the shopper journey is in-person or virtual, using your goals, category knowledge, brand pillars, and existing user information, you’ll find specific opportunities for shift purchase your way.

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Clean Label Research through Agile Evolution into Stores

The CRAEVS project team consists of CuliNex (Product Development) and InsightsNow (Consumer Research). Together our companies have formed a strategic alliance to provide CPG clients with a turnkey product development methodology called CRAEVS (Clean Label Research Through Agile Evolutions into Stores). CRAEVS is fast, efficient, flexible, and cost effective—and specifically designed to create or improve products in disruptive new categories.

Proprietary  Communities & Panel Partners

We use both proprietary communities and custom panels for different types of research needs. Looking to deeply understand a particularly influential buyer segment, we developed a proprietary community of Clean Label Enthusiasts®. We interact with them weekly with a broad spectrum of lifestyle, ingredient, and product questions, and we are creating a growing database of their Clean scores for ingredients. In contrast, we have a panel of Shopper Advisors available for rapid responses to research where a general consumer base is needed.

Your Access to the Custom Community provides:

  • Workspace: Contains a wealth of information into what ingredients are perceived as “clean” using an innovative behavioral metric called a “Clean Label Score.” You are able to overlay this rich scoring data with your own custom business and target audience segments
  • Quarterly/Monthly Industry Reports: Tracked behaviors and underlying motives detailed in quarterly behavioral reports allow you to deeply understand the evolution and current trends.
  • Custom Engagement Services: Get your custom research questions answered rapidly through exceptionally fast turn services support learning sprints and build proprietary knowledge.
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This trend-identifying set of consumers have purchase patterns that reflect strong values about protecting the environment and health. They help researchers stay on the leading edge of what’s coming in the food, beverage and consumer packaged goods space.


Members of our Primary Shopper Category Advisors community are pre-screened to be specific category buyers and/or representatives of shoppers with specific buying behaviors.


Our partnerships with technology-based programmatic panel providers give you the best possible consumers. By utilizing the latest artificial intelligence for the best sample, you will gain more valuable, valid insights.