Webinar – “Uncover New Insights in Your Next Product Study – Easy “Add-Ons” to Amplify your next CLT or HUT”

Easy Add-Ons to Amplify your next CLT or HUT

Presented   October 5, 2017

Presenters:   Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer

If you are ready to develop products which pass validation and are more successful in market, then it is time to improve your product studies with some simple amplification techniques to driver greater insights.

This webinar will showcase three simple ways you can creatively take you beyond what is typically done in CLTs and HUTs—and these new amplifications don’t require a more lengthy or costly process!

  • Leverage consumer emotions,
  • Implement targeted interviewing techniques, and
  • Utilize video and pictures.

By adding on deep-dive techniques, you will learn more about your consumer, your product development decisions, your product issues, and your post-launch chance for success — all while having more fun with your research.


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