Presented  Thursday, August 8 

Presenters:   Dave Lundahl, CEO

Health claims have exploded recently for wide categories of foods & beverages.  These claims are often tied to specific food ingredients and address specific health benefits, such as for digestive, heart, bone, joint, or immune function.   With such a range, companies want to know where to focus for product innovation and labeling amid the maze of consumer demands.  Which health areas and claims are most important to consumers and affect their purchase decisions?

In this webinar we’ll explore how Clean Label Enthusiasts and general consumers view various health claims and differences between the groups.

You’ll find:

  • Which health claims are important for both Clean Label Enthusiasts and general consumers? We’ll look at these claims:
      1. Promotes digestive health​
      2. Promotes heart health​
      3. Promotes bone/joint health​
      4. Increases energy​
      5. Has anti-inflammatory properties​
      6. Provides Immune Support​
    • How do these claims influence purchase decisions?
    • Which kitchen food ingredients do consumers “know” or believe provide those benefits?

We hope you can join us for the discussion first hand on Thursday. However, if you register and can’t attend, you’ll still receive access to the video afterwards.

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