An unparalleled database of implicit consumer scores

Perception is reality when it comes to knowing how to design products to have a clean label. InsightsNow has applied behavioral science to create the Ingredient Clean Label Score™—a behavioral KPI to know what ingredients are perceived to contribute to a clean label; and, how a new Web Application is giving product developers a new tool to make ingredient decisions for clean label product designs.

Quickly look up behavioral scores for ingredients, supplements, claims, benefits, and brands to make quick decisions about how to build and position products in ways which will impact behavior the most.  (Learn more about the scores.)

These applications provide access to unique consumer scores that can be used to generate reports for product developers and marketers to know how design and develop products that nudge and disrupt consumer behaviors. 

The InsightsNow Scoring Center is the only syndicated open source of behavioral data on consumers’ implicit reactions to ingredients and their benefits and associations.

Using these apps:

  • Quickly look up behavioral scores comparing ingredients, claims, benefits, and brands to make quick product development and positioning decisions.
  • Generate reports comparing various ingredients to develop, design and market new products
  • Track changes in consumer perceptions toward ingredients to maintain and grow market share

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Driven by the “free-from” movement; InsightsNow’s Clean Label Scoring assists product development with clean label associations led by consumer input.


Understand how “clean” consumers perceive various supplements and their ingredients to help develop and position products as part of the “free-from” movement.


Identify which benefits consumers naturally associate with various ingredients to create intuitive connections to your product.