Webinar 16: January 10, 2019 “When Researchers Play: Insights from CRC 2018”

Presented by Karen Lynch, Sr. Director, Qualitative Insights, on Thursday, January 10, 2 pm ET Register Here We invited attendees at the Corporate Researchers Conference this fall to play with LEGO® bricks ...
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Webinar -Dec ’18- Leveraging the Power of CATA

Sensory Diagnostics with a Behavioral Mindset Taking Advantage of the Power of CATA Questions in Product Assessments (check all that apply) Presented by: Sarah Kirkmeyer, Sr. Director Client Partnerships and Greg ...
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Webinar 14 – November 2018- Clean Label – for Pets, too!

Pet Foods - A Clean Label Deep Dive Presented by:  Karen Lynch, Sr. Director Qualitative Insights and Amy Mahony, Sr. Researcher Qualitative Insights. Presented Thursday, November 15, 2 pm ET Register ...
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Webinar 13 – October 2018- Human Insight, Not Just Data Hindsight

Bringing Consumer Tracking Data to Life Presented by:  Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer and Mark Duffey, Senior Director, Client Partnerships Presented Thursday, October 4, 2018 View Here Can you find your ...
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Webinar 12 – September 2018- “Thinking Forward -Fast or Slow: Accessing “System 3” Thinking

Presented by:  Karen Lynch, Sr. Director, Qualitative Insights. Presented Thursday, September 13, 2 pm ET View Here Why is an understanding of Prospective, or System 3, thinking important? As behavioral researchers, ...
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Webinar 11 – July 2018- “Don’t Use That! Clean Label Movement: Non-Food Personal and Home Care Product Impact”

Presented by:  Sarah Kirkmeyer, Sr. Director, Client Partnerships and Karen Lynch, Sr. Director, Qualitative Insights. Presented Thursday, July 12, 2 pm ET View Webinar Here Clean label consumer decisions extend beyond food ...
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Webinar 10 – June 2018- “Sea Salt or Sodium Chloride? Ingredient Scoring Insights for a Perceived Cleaner Label”

Presented by InsightsNow: Dave Lundahl, CEO and Sarah Kirkmeyer, Sr. Director, Client Partnerships Watch Here As the free-from movement continues to gain momentum, product developers and marketers are challenged to ...
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Webinar 9 – May 2018 “Accelerating Innovation through Agile Techniques-Part 3: Commercialization Sprints”

  Thursday, May 3, 2 pm ET   “Commercialization Sprints”    Hosted by InsightsNow: Dave Lundahl, CEO, and Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer Register Here After the fuzzy front end and defining ...
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Webinar 8- April 2018 – “Accelerating Innovation through Agile Techniques – Part 2: Translation through Iterative Design”

Presented Thursday, April 5, 2 pm ET       Hosted by InsightsNow: Dave Lundahl, CEO, and Karen Lynch, Director, Qualitative Services Watch Webinar The essential need for speed-to-market response in today’s ...
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Webinar 7 – March 2018 “Accelerating Innovation through Agile Techniques – Part 1: Clearing Up the Fuzzy Front End”

Thursday, March 8, 2pm ET : “Clearing Up the Fuzzy Front End” Thursday, April 5, 2pm ET : “Translation Through Iterative Design” Thursday, May 3, 2pm ET :  "Commercialization Sprints" ...
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Webinar 6 – February 2018 “Divining 2018 – The Year of the Clean Label”

New Year’s Resolutions and other Learning from Clean Label Enthusiasts What kind of trade-offs are they willing to make? Register Here Date:   Thursday, February 8,  2 pm ET Presenter:  Dave Lundahl, ...
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Webinar 5 – December 2017 “Binge Watching Consumers”

Binge Watching Consumers! Using Online Immersive Research to Reveal Unexpected Human Truths Register Here Date:   Tuesday, December 5,  2 pm ET Presenters:  Karen Lynch, Senior Director Qualitative Research  Jaclyn LaPoma, ...
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Webinar 4 – November 2017 “Clean Label Enthusiasts”

Going Clean Label? Make Faster, More Informed Behavior-Based Decisions Take a look at the "why" behind the latest food trends, and what to do about it! Date:   Presented Thursday, November 2, ...
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Webinar 3 – October 2017 “Uncover New Insights in Your Next Product Study – Easy “Add-Ons” to Amplify your next CLT or HUT”

Please join us for the next 1st Thursday WebinarsNow™ presentation. Date & Time:   October 5, 2017      2:00 PM EDT Uncover New Insights in Your Next Product Study Easy ...
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Webinar 2 – September 2017 “The Free-From Food Movement: Insights, Trends and Challenges”

Making business decisions for clean label ingredient development and product positioning Please join us for our new WebinarsNow series. Co-presenters:   David Lundahl, CEO and Sarah Kirkmeyer, Senior Director, Client PartnershipsWe have ...
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Webinar 1 – August 2017 “Uncovering the Human Behind the Behavior”

  Modernizing your qualitative approach   Please join us for the launch of our new WebinarsNow series. Date & Time:   Aug 3, 2017      2:00 PM EDT Not all ...
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