As people become more mindful of the need to improve their wellbeing and stay in control of their life, we are seeing a dramatic increase in mindfulness challenges like Dryuary, Whole30 and 5K challenge – where you change a specific behavior for a short time. When people choose these self-imposed disruptions, their behavior has to change. And, whether intentional or not, they use coping mechanisms to ensure they complete the challenge. These emotionally driven approaches to coping, combined with how moments are changing, lead to new opportunities for brands and innovators.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify sensory cues: Product/pack attributes and holistic experiences that can trigger or support a new, replacement or compensating behavior or routine.
  • Make emotional connections: Unique brand and innovation opportunities emerge from understanding motivations and emotional triggers associated with challenges.
  • Understand decision-making in self-imposed challenges: What triggers and influences the decision. What factors determine how to prepare/give up/replace during that period.

Join us as we take a close look at the Dryuary challenge and show how a deep focus on behavior opens up new opportunities for food and beverage companies.