How can you develop your product for success?


How can your brand, product or service find the sweet spot for success in a crowded and competitive marketplace? By gaining deep insights into the motivations, emotions, and purchasing behaviors of your consumers. Then, target consumer “moments” for the context to rapidly learn via co-creation, co-design, implicit, and hybrid testing.

InsightsNow takes you beyond the surface of consumer preference deep into the underlying sensory cues that truly drive consumer behavior. When you design products to appeal to the sensory cues uncovered during the research process, you will see greater success in-market—and make better decisions within each step of your innovation cycle.

Need Product Guidance?

How we solve it.


Using a weighted approach to JAR data analysis, the InsightsNow Penalty Plus application allows more complete analysis of attribute-related survey data in order to help guide product optimization.  Sophisticated, model-based approaches help users perform significance testing, and set up product testing parameters. This unique approach not only shows how much product developers can change their overall KPI by changing certain attributes, it identifies potentially successful niche products and their consumer sub-groups.


Implicit testing avoids the inaccuracy of direct Q&A responses to yield a more accurate predictor of behavior by capturing native emotional reactions as well as rational thinking.

Research to help companies make faster, more informed clean label decisions requires accurate prediction of behavior reactions—approach or avoid—to branded products with given claims and ingredient labels. Asking a research participant to directly predict their behaviors in response to a brand, claim or ingredient is known to be a poor predictor of actual behavior.


Weigh the risks and rewards of changing an existing product

Changing a product for any reason entails risk that current users will reject the new product—reasons such as quality improvement, cost reduction effort or a change due to regulatory or ingredient related issues. Alienation testing involves engaging with current users to quantify their purchase behaviors to proposed changes to assess the potential risk to the business.

InsightsNow assesses this risk with a unique approach that applies behavioral science to predict how and why current users will react to a proposed product change. 

Need Concept Translation?

How we solve it.


InsightsNow’s Product Spark™ is an innovative, proprietary exploration that gives unparalleled insight into behavior and usage.

BehaviorLens® Product Spark identifies the most salient product and/ or package cues with respect to key benefits. This provides teams with a direction and target (such as specific product qualities associated with key benefits). It also provides a means to measure how well they deliver against the target (such as cue-based scales which can be used in subsequent product guidance research to optimize against key benefits beyond “liking”). 

Key cues become pillars for decisions, design and development. For example, using cue scales in product guidance work enables development to ensure new product features and formats successfully deliver meaningful, differentiated benefits. This approach increases clarity and efficacy while reducing associated opportunity costs. 

Need Faster Product Development?

How we solve it.


The essential need for speed-to-market response in today’s consumer-driven marketplace has led innovation approaches that incorporate a lean mindset, design thinking, and rapid prototyping. An innovation process that incorporates consumer scores into each prototype iteration allows you to bring a user tested product to market faster with lower investment. 


This fusing of this shopper/consumer and product knowledge comes together through a set of prototyping activities informed by co-design.

Co-design is a highly collaborative process between an innovation team and consumers for the purpose of translating your product concept.  This collaboration with consumers comes within a series of rapid, iterative cycles of planning, prototyping, co-design testing, and back-room learning. Most co-design sprints take about three iterative cycles to complete, although strong working knowledge of a particular concept translation can reduce cycle requirements.






The project team consists of CuliNex (Product Development) and InsightsNow (Consumer Research). Together our companies have formed a strategic alliance to provide CPG clients with a turnkey product development methodology called CRAEVS (Clean Label Research Through Agile Evolutions into Stores). CRAEVS is fast, efficient, flexible, and cost-effective, and specifically designed to create or improve products in disruptive new categories.


No matter what problem you are looking to solve, InsightsNow has a research solution we can build for you. We believe no part of the development process exists in a silo, so we can work with our clients to blend various approaches and techniques together to provide deep dives into human behavior. A full toolbox allows you to collaborate with us most effectively by choosing the best mix of tools to engage for your study's objectives, and get the insights that drive business results.