InsightsNow was born in 2003 in Corvallis, Oregon founded on Dave Lundahl’s vision of helping companies create actionable insights efficiently from consumer behavior data to drive successful product innovation and market successHis team has developed proprietary methodologies and predictive analytical tools to expand researchers’ toolbox that were recognized with industry awards. 

The company extended the capabilities of its legacy entities InfoSense Inc. (1993), then later Camo Inc. (1999), where it had initially honed its research skills and developed a reputation as a thought leader in sensory and consumer science. Greg Stucky (Chief Research Officer) joined InfoSense in 1997 contributing an innovative spirit in development of new methods, techniques and services for research innovation as well as the development and growth of new business initiatives. Greg has deep experience in the application of consumer behavior to product innovation. Together, they have stewarded the company through challenges and opportunities by setting standards of excellence and growing a dedicated team of research professionals.



As a true partner, InsightsNow folds in seamlessly to become part of your team so, together, we can delve deeply into your business challenges. Through this collaboration, we jointly and efficiently come up with the best way to develop a path to success through innovative custom behavioral research. This partnership allows us to build a personalized, collaborative (and effective) research program that meets your product development, brand positioning and marketing goals.

Dr. Dave Lundahl is passionate about fostering innovation to create a cleaner, healthier world.  He is an entrepreneur—founding companies that follow this passion by providing consumer insights for faster and more successful innovation…

Dave Lundahl

CEO & Founder

Greg Stucky has focused his career on the development of new methods, techniques and services for research innovations. His deep experience in the application of consumer behavior to product innovation has garnered industry attention and awards…

Greg Stucky

Chief Research Officer

Jim Smith strives to implement and improve cost-effective, efficient processes to improve cycle times with improved internal organizational visibility which he feels are key to organizational success…

Jim Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Kristen Dale is an entrepreneurial leader with deep marketing research expertise with more than 25 years’ focus on the verticals of consumer packaged goods, foodservice, and media, with a passion for innovation and emerging methods…


Kristen Dale

Vice President Client Partnerships

Sri Kankarla works tirelessly for process optimization as both a developer and change agent. Previously at IPSOS, he managed internal and off-shore teams of programming and quality assurance professionals while directing web-based survey research, design, deployment and management…

Sridhar Kankarla

Vice President of Operations

Carrie’s strengths are in cultivating a high-performance, growth-minded team.  She is a self-starter and strategic thinker with a strong focus on tactical execution.  During her career, she has held various marketing leadership roles within B2C and B2B financial services companies. 

Carrie Janot

Vice President of Marketing

Kristin Wright has specialized in driving product innovation and research in the food industry over the past 25 years of her career. She is passionate about building teams, research tools and innovative capabilities that help people and the planet be healthier and happier…

Kristin Wright

Vice President, Research & Insights

Ann Bracken prides herself in becoming an extension of her client’s team to really know and understand their initiatives—allowing her to help design truly actionable research that uncovers key insights to grow business…

Ann Bracken

Senior Director of Business Development

Christina Holstein is passionate about people, relationships, and research, and loves to create meaningful connections and conversations through active listening and deep collaboration. In her various professional roles…

Christina Holstein

Christina Holstein

Senior Director, Client Partnerships

Sara is a hybrid thinker, bringing experience from the worlds of research and insights, corporate strategy, product development, and manufacturing at scale to help solve business problems…

Christina Holstein

Sara Yang

Senior Director, Client Partnerships

Kimberley A. Greenwood has focused her career on understanding and translating behavioral and sensory research into actionable insights. She brings a high level of analytical skills, collaboration and a sense of urgency to her work and finds joy in helping others…

Kimberley A. Greenwood

CFS, Senior Research Director

Stephen brings more than twenty years of experience in product and consumer research to InsightsNow, most recently working at the Molson Coors Beverage Company. Outside of work, he enjoys trying …

Stephen McIngvale

Senior Research Director

Julie Quante is an experienced consumer product researcher—from inception through analysis, reporting to communicating findings to stakeholders. She brings ingenuity, originality and resourcefulness to her work…

Julie Quante

Senior Research Director

Amy Mahony is an engaging and energetic qualitative researcher, with years of experience building successful brands through behavioral and emotional insights and an understanding of human beings…

Amy Mahony

Senior Researcher, Qualitative Insights

Jenny O’Connor brings a wide range of market research experience to her work, with a specific background partnering with consumer packaged goods companies to design compelling and creative research..

Jenny O’Connor

Qualitative Insights Researcher

Brian Briskey is a highly collaborative leader who helps simplify and expedite decision-making processes for product launch and market entry—merging business goals and execution as well as illustrating the pathways for growth, impact and success outcomes…

Brian Briskey

Senior Director of Strategic Consulting


Our industry partnerships and awards

Throughout the long history of InsightsNow, we have been honored to be recognized with industry awards for our work in behavioral insights, for our team members’ accomplishments, and for our client projects. Through our partnerships in the market research industry, as well as the sensory science, food and beverage, and CPG industries that we serve, we are able to keep our finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest—helping us serve our clients better.