Presented   Sept.  2019     

PresentersDave Lundahl, CEO InsightsNow Inc. and Webb Girard, Director of Technology, CuliNex, LLC.

Are you challenged to keep up with the synergy of today’s key product trends – supplying consumers with products that are both plant-based and Clean Label?  Designing these plant-based products for a Clean Label is like fitting a new set of puzzle pieces so they cover the same expected shape.
Consumers want many of these products to be analogs of existing favorites but without offending animal-based or  non-Clean Label ingredients. Innovation teams can achieve market success here with a combination of technical expertise in all the properties of possible ingredients with insights of consumer expectations of their product and product category.  

This webinar looks at the complexity of redesigning clean label products and 

introduces the consumer voice through a category appraisal technique using product scorecards.

We hope you can join us for the discussion first hand on Thursday. However, if you register and can’t attend, you will receive access to the video afterwards.

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