COVID-19 Tracker Highlights


Shopping Emotion Change

CLE Emotions are changing as the shopping needs change


Purchase Motivation Change

Motivations are changing as time at home lengthens


Activities we will or won’t do

Restrictions are being lifted, but people may not be ready to go our


Motivations are undergoing rapid change

Cravings are increasing while need for mood changing products increases.



When will we be ready for something new?

Tracker Study Insights

Behind each blue box below is a panel with the latest insights from our last survey of the CLE community on the week’s topic.

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Oct 18 2020

Holiday Season Reimagined
Anticipating a “Different” Holiday Season

CLE’s anticipate creative holiday celebrations and making gifting more personalized.

They will miss their traditional gatherings and energy, but not the accompanying stress.

Sept 18 2020

Beauty in the COVID Beast
With extra time at home, CLE are mostly maintaining beauty routines which gave them a sense of “personal” time, peace, and control during health fears.

This is one of the few routines which we were not forced to change.

Sept 6 2020

COVID Myths – True or False?
CLE trust most expert advice about preventing COVID, however, disproved myths regarding food transmission and personal hygiene still persist.

August 13 2020

Restaurant Throw-aways vs.
Trusting Re-usables

Consumers weigh sustainability in restaurant choices, but opting for less packaging comes down to trust in cleanliness and safety.

July 25 2020

Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood?
Community interactions are influencing a weight loss dietary lifestyle.

Those interacting with more people are reaching for higher protein and low carb choices.

July 10 2020

We are Now Seeking Foods to Lift our Mood
People’s motivations for buying products at grocery stores have changed significantly.

CLE’s are now seeking out products that will lift their mood and provide additional sensorial experiences rather than for functional purposes.

June 29 2020

The waiting (room) is the hardest part
For in-person medical visits, people are afraid of other people, not the trusted medical professionals.

People they would be sitting next to are the biggest concern. They want protective measures in place!

June 29 2020

Virtual visits have continued potential, but personal touch is missed
Nearly ¼ of CLE that are not at all interested in this type of medical care, regardless of the COVID pandemic.