Webinar -Dec ’18- Leveraging the Power of CATA

Sensory Diagnostics with a Behavioral Mindset

Taking Advantage of the Power of CATA Questions in Product Assessments

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Presented by:

Sarah Kirkmeyer, Sr. Director Client Partnerships and Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer.

Date:   Thursday, December 6, 2 pm ET

Getting more for less!

We constantly struggle to capture all the information we want from consumers, while keeping them fully engaged throughout the questionnaire. One simplified approach is to use fewer scales and more CATA questions. In comparison to scalar questions, CATA questions are simple to execute and generate fewer sources of error.

When care is taken to manage the mindset and system of thinking the consumers are in when answering CATA questions, and when modern analytics are applied, it is possible to build a shorter questionnaire while delivering more information.

In this webinar you'll learn:
    • Tips and tricks for getting the most out of CATA questions
    • Narrow your list of attributes to focus optimization efforts
    • An example of how CATA was used to replace JAR scales deliver greater depth of attribute insights for product innovation

Please join us on Thursday, Dec 6, at 2:00 pm ET, for this discussion.

Hope to see you there!

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Webinar 13 – October 2018- Human Insight, Not Just Data Hindsight

Bringing Consumer Tracking Data to Life

Presented Thursday, October 4, 2018

Can you find your human buyers & users through the tracking research you do?   What else could animate your tracking of product or brand performance, and customers' perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors?

Besides tracking  "what" behavior in your research, digging deeper into context of subjects' choices through specific tools can uncover the right "why" factors relevant to your business success.

Through this webinar, you’ll gain answers:

  • Why Tracking research IS important – what makes it most valuable? (Hint: it’s about Behavior!)
  • Relevancy? How this lens is critical for tracking programs
  • How can you breath more life into trackers – and what are the benefits?
  • Multi-dimensional insights: Integrating passive digital tracking + quantitative + qualitative
  • What’s your low-hanging fruit for making tracking research more alive?
    • Human Behavior Tracking
    • Digital Clickstream Tracking
    • Brand Health Tracking
    • Marcom Tracking

This webinar will have you thinking about the future and imagining how you might glean consumer insights in an entirely new manner.

Hope to see you!

Download the pdf.

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Webinar 12 – September 2018- “Thinking Forward -Fast or Slow: Accessing “System 3” Thinking

Presented Thursday, September 13, 2 pm ET

Why is an understanding of Prospective, or System 3, thinking important? As behavioral researchers, we not only seek to understand consumer behavior, we strive to understanding the thought processes behind exhibited behaviors. We seek insights into these thought processes so that we can influence them—to encourage consumers to continue with a particular behavior (maintaining their status as core users) or change a behavior (ultimately increasing usage and/or adopting use of a product or service).

Cognitive psychologists, most notably Nobel Memorial Prize-winning author Daniel Kahneman, raised our awareness of the dichotomy between modes of thought: System 1 vs. System 2, fast vs. slow, or implicit vs. explicit thinking. System 3 thinking has been uncovered in more recent work from those studying modes of decision-making thought processes: Prospection, or the generation and evaluation of mental representations of possible future, is not simply fast or slow… it is something else working in tandem with those thought processes.

And by digging into this third mode of thinking, we can overcome business challenges ranging from marketing and messaging strategies to new brand positioning and planning.



At the end of this webinar, you’ll have gained:

  • Relative awareness of the three modes of thinking: Implicit, Explicit and Prospective
  • Key examples of consumer decision making which rely on each of the three systematic thinking modus
  • Exclusive exposure an innovative way to access consumers’ System 3 or prospective thoughts:  PlayFULL Insights

Spoiler alert:  PlayFULL Insights® is a qualitative method where participants use LEGO® bricks to build stories in response to carefully-crafted questions working towards faster and greater understanding of key research needs. The models created become tangible representations of people’s thoughts; the stories they tell provide insight into their memories and imaginations and the complex nuances of their prospective thinking.

Please join us on Thursday, September 13, at 2:00 pm ET, for a webinar which will have you thinking about the future and imagining how you might glean consumer insights in an entirely new manner.

Hope to see you there!

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Webinar 11 – July 2018- “Don’t Use That! Clean Label Movement: Non-Food Personal and Home Care Product Impact”

Presented Thursday, July 12, 2 pm ET

Clean label consumer decisions extend beyond food and beverage industry… Today’s shoppers—and the Clean Label Enthusiasts (CLE) in our online research community—are also looking for clean labels on the products they use for personal care and in their home. We are now conducting deep dives with consumers in specific non-food categories to uncover deeper, faster insights for product innovation and development in these sectors.

In the context of non-food categories, during this webinar we’ll share with you:

  • How CLEs define a clean label
  • Brands that are doing a great job of meeting CLE needs
  • Ingredients manufacturers should avoid to maintain a positive perception among this growing segment of the population.

Please join us for a webinar which will highlight some of the key findings from our research with Clean Label Enthusiasts in five non-food categories: Oral Care, Home Care, Hair Care, Fabric Care and Body Care.

Hope to see you there!

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Webinar 10 – June 2018- “Sea Salt or Sodium Chloride? Ingredient Scoring Insights for a Perceived Cleaner Label”

As the free-from movement continues to gain momentum, product developers and marketers are challenged to know how to design products to have a perceived cleaner label.  As an example, does paying a higher premium for sea salt vs regular salt matter?  Does your target consumer care whether an ingredient is listed as natural or organic?

Join us as we introduce the “Clean Label Ingredient Score” and a new industry database being built in partnership with forward thinking ingredient suppliers.  Users gain a deeper understanding into how consumers react to different ingredients in different contexts, and provide direction into the impact on their product choice behavior.

This webinar will highlight how using different ingredients or ingredient terminology can impact consumer behavior.

Learn ways to keep your business ahead of the trends.

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Webinar 5 – December 2017 “Binge Watching Consumers”

Binge Watching Consumers!

Using Online Immersive Research to Reveal Unexpected Human Truths

You’re invited to join us for 30 minutes on December 5th to learn more about: Binge Watching Consumers! Using Online Immersive Research to Reveal Unexpected Human Truths.

Following an online bulletin board project is indeed a bit like viewing multiple episodes of a television series on repeat. The complicated content engages us, emotionally charged stories engross us, and our empathy offers us great perspective. We’re hooked. Well… many of us are.

We are hooked because online immersive research approaches provide the behavioral insights you need to know about your consumers, so your products and messages are more relevant and meaningful, which in turn makes you more successful in market! 

Are you still unconvinced that devouring hours of consumer insights might not be as desirable as a day with The Gilmore Girls? In this December webinar, you will learn how online, immersive, bulletin-board-style research will help you:

  • Overcome internal challenges that make you feel like a cast member of an award-winning fantasy television series.
  • Get an ethnographic glimpse into humankind, human behavior, people’s unique lives and their wonderful connections, much like you gain watching a particular critically acclaimed television comedy-drama.
  • Learn what to expect from the analyses of an online bulletin board and how the insights gleaned can set you up to beat the competition, like the characters in a Netflix Original series.

We do hope you’ll join us. After all, “Online is the New In-Person,” and after our webinar, you’ll be able to see if you correctly guessed the three TV series that mirror each of the three research challenges we’ll be addressing.

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