Strengthening Sustainability Activation

Companies are studying, investing, and making strides to improve the environmental impact of their businesses on the planet. Some are motivated by pressure coming from activists, consumer groups, and even their financial firms.   In response, many are setting sustainability goals regarding sourcing, emissions, energy use in production & transportation, and their human impact.  They face some common challenges with consumers for market success.


Key Consumer Challenges:

  • Not understanding what “sustainability” is
  • Trust issues, Company transparency regarding real actions and effects
  • Affordability

Sustainability Insights for Product Innovation and Strategy

You’re challenge is to align your products and brands.  We’re keeping sustainability top of mind through the consumer’s voice.

We Talk Greenhushing for Food Processing Magazine

Our CEO Dave Lundahl writes for Food Processing magazine about greenhushing concerns in his article “Greenhushing Symptomatic of a Bigger Problem.” Not only does Dave highlight the importance of transparency and honesty in environmental claims, he explores “misalignments between the promise of a brand and the delivery of product experiences that shoppers seek and love.”

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A Look Back at Quirk’s Chicago

At The Quirk's Event in Chicago last month we had an absolute blast exhibiting, networking and learning from some of the top leaders in the insights field. Besides fun and games—we also presented "The critical role of insights in achieving sustainability: A panel discussion", moderated by our very own CEO, Dave Lundahl.

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