Online Qual Research

In this time of unprecedented change, we are helping clients seamlessly shift to virtual research at InsightsNow, as we’ve been working remotely and conducting research online for years. If you need to continue your research projects in a virtual manner during this pandemic, we would like to help.

How to Continue Your Research

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Available to ALL for Online Qualitative Research: We have opened our proprietary communities of Shopper Advisors and Clean Label Enthusiasts to all industry professionals.

Many People, Many Approaches, Fractional Cost: Our communities contain hundreds of U.S. consumers – able to be recruited into a study within days rather than weeks – so that your research efforts don’t stall in the ambiguity of this current global health crisis and your costs are minimal as recruiting is streamlined. Our in-house qualitative specialists are experienced and versatile, able to help you implement studies using virtual approaches like video deep dives, online bulletin boards or remote interviews.

An immersive sensory approach, Spark, is also going virtual, to identify sensory characteristics associated with a product concept.

Concepts were imagined for the next desk stress reliever using online Spark.

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Free Research Consultation

If you need help shifting to virtual research or desire to learn more about your options, we are offering free consulting services right now.

One Hour, One Brief: One of our in-house qualitative specialists will spend an hour speaking with you and/or your team. After, we will prepare a research brief as a deliverable for that consultation.

Got questions? Here’s how to get answers:

Please take advantage of the free consulting we’re offering to help you during this time. During this consult, we will answer any questions you have, such as:

    • How quickly can we field qual within an INI community?      (The quick answer is IN A WEEK)
    • Can we integrate some quant into our qual?                          (The quick answer is YES)
    • What will a basic qual project cost?                                         (The quick answer is AROUND $7K)

We understand you’ve been disrupted. We know changes are happening every day. We’d like to help navigate the current turmoil and come out on the other side with you.

What now?

Please reach out to anyone at InsightsNow or send us a note using the form below and ask about your options for online qualitative studies.


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