BehaviorLens® Approach

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The InsightsNow approach is applicable to any business model or challenge, because it is based on consumer behavior. Some areas where we’ve partnered to help with product innovationbranding and marketing are:

    • Consumer Packaged Goods
    • Food and Beverage
    • Health and Beauty Care
    • Healthcare
    • Insurance and Healthcare
    • Automotive
    • Financial Services
    • Technology Products and Services

and many more!


is a group of frameworks we use to understand consumer journeys and influences on consumer behavior.

It is based on practical applications of behavioral science that  underpin how we fashion research techniques into methods and research plans.  This approach uses empathy in viewing consumers as human beings – people living out their lives in the context of a world of change.

BehaviorLens Frameworks include:

  • Consumer Destinations
  • Habit Flywheel™
  • Behavior Pyramid™
  • Emotions Insights Wheel™

With this lens and the knowledge that behavioral science provides, we developed frameworks – mental schemes – to help us quickly and effectively use the right tools from our toolbox to address the wide range of challenges that our clients face in seeking insights.

All product innovation, marketing and brand development initiatives ultimately lead to a Go-To-Market plan.  Some plans are offense-oriented, developed to create on-ramps – ways to bring on new fans.  Other more defensive plans are developed to minimize off-ramps - the loss of brand fans.

All plans are behavioral – based on applying new or existing knowledge about how to influence new or maintain existing consumer journeys

To develop a winning Go-To-Market plan, InsightsNow applies a framework we call BehaviorLens – an approach that leads to behavioral insights for actionable and effective go-to-market plans.

Emotions Insight Wheel™

Find more about BehaviorLens and its applications in Founder Dave Lundahl's latest book, Breakthrough Food Product Innovation.

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