How the gap sparks innovation

Recorded Thursday, September 22, 2022

    As consumers increasingly demand products that support their personal values, brands face the challenge of being selected over less ideal options. 

    So how do brands foresee and address the gap between aspirational motivations and actual purchase habits?  

    InsightsNow invited clients to participate in a survey to understand changing motivations driving primary shoppers’ food and beverage purchases. We looked particularly at behavior drivers related to healthwellness, and sustainability concerns.


    Dave Lundahl & Greg Stucky covered the following topics in this webinar.

    • 2:28 Landscape of Change
    • 7:28 Landscape of Demand – Aspirational Compass
    • 12:14 Aspirational Themes & Attributes
    • 14:55 Largest Behavioral Gaps
    • 21:08 Environmentally Friendly Trade Offs
    • 25:31 Creating Whitespace to Disrupt Behavior
    • 34:41 Creating Sensory Whitespace
    • 36:50 Closing Summary & Q/A
    • Dave Lundahl, CEO
    • Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer
    Dave Lundahl

    Dave Lundahl


    InsightsNow Inc.

    Greg Stucky

    Greg Stucky

    Chief Rsearch Officer

    InsightsNow Inc.