April 21: FEI Innovation Showcase

How do I take this unstructured knowledge and find successful ideas? Join Kayte Hamilton's presentation, "Behavior-Based Innovation Insights Powered by InsightsNow" April 21, 10am CT  (11am ET) We will illustrate how easy it is to initiate and access on-demand...

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Using Consumer Emotions to Predict Behavior

The disruption COVID-19 presented us with an opportunity to study the impact of consumer emotions on behavior. We examine this, among other COVID-19 impacts, in a new white paper called “What Has COVID-19 Taught Us About Consumer Behavior?” We studied the...

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InsightsNow Consumer Emotions

Changes in Social Behaviors During COVID-19

The ongoing study focusing on InsightsNow's proprietary community of trend-setting, forward-thinking shoppers called Clean Label Enthusiasts® (CLE) uncovered many truths and insights about consumer behavior during COVID-19. While shopping behaviors were majorly...

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