Insights-Guided Development in Action!

These refreshing cocktail recipes were created from a collaboration of skills melding InsightsNow’s consumer behavior insights with CuliNex’s creative culinology skills.

Recent research on consumer aspirations versus actual purchase behavior identified seven aspirational shopper personas.  Most people want to live a sustainable lifestyle in their purchases and consumption, and some are highly committed to these ideals in all areas of their lives—including cocktail hour.

CuliNex took these insights from InsightsNow’s recent study to create beverages that fit into these consumer aspirations utilizing iconic, healthful Northwestern fruits from our respective home states of Oregon and Washington.  The drinks are clean label, made from cherries and blueberries… fruits known for their healthful, antioxidant properties.

The partnership of insights with innovation steps ensures that innovations fit the aspirations of the target market. We’ll toast to that! 


Washington State’s Best! Fresh sour mix made from sweet dark cherries, tart limes, bright lemons, and fragrant oranges. Paired with bold Tennessee whiskey and garnished with a dried lime for an extra fruity kick! “They’ll turn those smiles upside down!” —Webb Girard, CuliNex

Drink Recipe:

  1. 1-2oz syrup
  2. 1oz whiskey
  3. Lime slice garnish

SyrupFrozen cherries, Lime juice, Lemon juice, Orange juice, Sugar, water


Oregon summer in a glass! Blueberries and fresh thyme are a perfect combination when paired. Tart fruitiness and the subtle dry aroma of fresh thyme sing when paired with tequila and fresh lime juice for the perfect Margarita!

Drink Receipe: Start with a glass with berry salted rim (salt + dried berry powder)

  1. 1oz syrup
  2. 1oz tequila
  3. 1-2oz soda water
  4. Lime slice garnish

Syrup:  Frozen blueberries, Thyme, Lime juice, Orange juice, Sugar, water

We commend fruit growers in Washington and Oregon for their commitment to sustainable practices.