Marketing and Messaging

Create compelling messaging using behavioral insights

Identify moments where consumers can be activated to assist marketing teams to communicate relevant messaging to the person in the moment. Reach who you want to reach, when you want to reach them, effectively.

Delve deep into the emotions, motivations, mindsets and preferences that drive your consumer’s behavior, so your marketing team can create messaging that resonates.

Tie in your marketing and messaging research holistically with the entire product development process. How? Base your research on the consumer, the connection. Learn more about our “full picture” approach here.

Custom Marketing and Messaging Research for:
  • Consumer group segmentation for honed messaging
  • Digital marketing and advertising effectiveness
  • Product launch and label success among target(s)
girl reaching for juice on shelf in market

Case Study: Using Behavioral Insights to Build What Consumers Really Want

Combining qualitative and quantitative approaches gives you deeper insights! Check out this immersive behavioral study of gathered commentary, and see how those insights informed the formation of a wider max-diff survey that tested features.

In this case study, you can find out how InsightsNow partnered effectively with digital media firm, Catalina, to understand what smartphone-enabled shoppers would value most in an integrated mobile shopping application.

 Our team partners deeply with your team for marketing and messaging research…

Emotions Testing:

Go beyond mere "likes and dislikes" and discover implicit emotional connections to ensure your product truly resonates with your consumer.

Accelerating Innovation

Check out our recent webinar on accelerating innovation, and how you can apply rapid, iterative learning to your marketing to make your message to your consumer as effective as possible.

Targeted Behavioral Interviews

Gain full empathy for your consumer by using the ProfilesNow technique to drill down into what really matters to them. You can quickly hand-select respondents to follow-up with in-person, on the phone or online—and learn even more about their cited preferences.

Full Service Research

A full toolbox allows Research Directors and clients to collaborate in choosing the most effective tools to engage for a study's objectives.

  • Central Location Testing

    Deepen insights into emotions and sensory cues which heighten perception of product benefits and motivate repeat use.

  • Home Use Testing

    Uncover how product usage impacts behavior in-the-moment.  Identify true potential to disrupt the market.

  • Online Qualitative Research

    Immerse yourself into the lives of target consumers by engaging online through moderated discussions and behavioral activities.

  • Mobile Usage Testing

    Engage research participants anytime and anywhere within moments to learn how messaging activates and products motivate behavior.