The Innovation Center is where InsightsNow’s expertise meets the latest research technology. We’ve built a unique hub that gives you access to our latest thought leadership proprietary behavioral scores and research methods to help you design and redesign the most impactful consumer products and messaging.



  1. Access webinars and reports covering the latest insights across changing consumer behaviors and the best methods for tracking them.
  2. Mine InsightsNow’s proprietary scoring database to help you design, develop and deliver the best products and messaging related to food, beverage and supplement ingredients.
  3. Design and launch custom studies quickly and efficiently, leveraging InsightsNow’s proprietary methodologies.

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Looking for insights on consumer behaviors or the best methodologies for tracking them? The Learning Center gives you access to all of InsightsNow’s content resources to understand or uncover the why behind consumer behaviors.

You can instantly access & download:

  • Webinars
  • eBooks & White Papers
  • Behavioral Reports


Trying to understand consumers’ feelings toward ingredients for product development or marketing? The Scoring Center lets you mine InsightsNow’s propriety behavioral scores  to understand consumers’ perspectives on a variety of ingredients.

You can review: 

  • Food & Beverage Ingredient Scores
  • Supplement Ingredient Scores
  • Ingredient Association & Benefit Scores


Ready to run your own consumer study? The Testing Center helps you design, scope and launch proprietary studies that leverage InsightsNow’s behavioral research expertise.

You can launch:

  • Home Use Testing
  • Conceptual Testing
  • Product Testing
  • Marketing Testing