Innovation Behavioral Research

For Ideation, Design & Development of Products & Services

Our expertise spans work with innovation leaders in:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Food and Beverage
  • Beverage Alcohol
  • Pharmaceuticals (OTC)
  • Health and Beauty Care
  • Personal Care Products
  • Household Care
  • Durable Goods
  • Health Care Services
  • Financial Services
  • Technology products and services
  • Online Publishing

R&D and innovation insights leaders hire us for our expertise in applying our behavioral framework throughout the product innovation cycle. These insights cut six months off innovation cycles, build cross-functional buy-in and increase in-market success.

Discovery Phase
  • Behavior Segmentation for discovering new moments of opportunity where consumer behaviors can be disrupted or leveraged. Identifying consumer moments to target where common benefits are sought within a landscape of behaviors associated with specific product experiences. By segmenting moments, rather than people, innovation teams target behaviors which lead to repeated (and even habitual) use of new products and services.

Design Phase
  • Co-Creation for ideation by bringing consumers and innovation teams together to generate lots of ideas, screening and refining those ideas into concepts which target moments. By targeting moments, co-creation participants are able to identify gaps between benefits sought and currently delivered.
  • Co-Design for early stage product design by bringing consumers and innovation teams together to translate and refine concepts into prototypes and/or package elements. Through the identification of the subconscious cues which signal benefits in the moment, design teams define product features and sensory qualities which make the product/service intuitively recognized as relevant, increasing choice and use.
Development Phase
  • Consumer Research for research and development by bringing consumers and R&D, Sensory, Innovation teams together to guide and validate development decisions. By going beyond liking with metrics and insights to develop and optimize products, development teams ensure products/services are intuitively recognized as relevant, motivating trial and repeat and establishing new habits.
What we provide:
  • Custom behavioral research design for new products and servicMan eating dinner and watching televisiones applying our approach to “moments” and “cues,” delivering superior insights for decision making.
  • Orchestrating the logistics and recruiting for qualitative and quantitative research enabled by a wide range of online and offline research techniques to address the unique research design needs of every study.
  • Insights and Reporting which accelerate the product and services stage gate process and uncover opportunities to disrupt habits and markets. We improve success rates by helping companies bring to market product, packaging, and services which consumers intuitively recognize as relevant for moments of their lives.
  • Global Insights through our international research program

How we uncover the most actionable insights for innovation teams:

  • Going beyond liking and just picking “winners and losers”
  • Priming research participants with their own personalized moments
  • Characterizing both overt and subconscious product “cues”
  • Using responses and results in real-time for highly targeted interviewing
  • Rapid iterative testing with real-time design changes to increase speedfather and son using tablet while eating breakfast to market
  • Getting more questions answered in a single study
  • Applying in-context testing methods
  • Assessing product line performance across the entire category
  • Taking into account competition from outside the category
  • Using mobile market research
  • Optimizing products through proprietary methods and analyses
  • Extending your research through international research capabilities
  • In-home behavior and use testing and validation research.