Innovation & Product Development

Innovate equipped with a consumer behavior lens

Generate the best ideas by targeting behavioral white space at the front end of innovation—and focus your innovation team for success. Targeting "moments" provides context to rapidly learn via co-creation, co-design, implicit, and hybrid testing.

Using these custom approaches,  InsightsNow takes you beyond liking to design sensory cues into products for rapid, cost effective translation of the brand promise. Make better decisions by learning more within each step of your innovation cycles.

Your product development research does not need to exist in a silo. It can be tied in holistically with the entire product lifecycle, all the way to purchase decision. How? By looking to the people you are aiming to reach, and their behavioral motivations. Learn more about our “full picture” approach here.

Case Study: Using Emotions Testing for Deeper Insights

When a new food product is being developed for a specific consumer group, it is vital that there is a deep understanding of the consumer emotions surrounding the ingredients and sensory experiences.

Tyson Foods partnered with the InsightsNow team to dig deep into the product design and development of a new multi-component breakfast product the company was bringing to market.

Custom Product Development Research for:
  • Product optimization from deep concept feedback
  • Examining entire product line performance
  • Rapid iterative product testing with real-time design changes
Learn more about how our team becomes your team
in the research and development process.
Clean Label Enthusiasts®

Check out our new custom research communities—specifically our Clean Label Enthusiast®—and the impact this unique approach to behavioral research is making on product innovation.

Have FUN with our latest advanced Qualitative approach.


PlayFULL Insights

Uncover creative group solutions using a hands-on group play and discussion approach with Lego bricks.   This facilitated qualitative approach elicits group problem solving and team work by unpacking discussion of Lego creations.


Working with client teams on the front end of innovation: combining inspiration, applied imagination, and consumer behavioral insights


Translate product benefits into design elements through a rapid, iterative team process with consumers that identifies cues that signal benefits.

Implicit Testing

Implicit testing avoids the inaccuracy of direct Q&A responses to yield a more accurate predictor of behavior by capturing native emotional reactions as well as rational thinking.

Full Service Research

A full toolbox allows Research Directors and clients to collaborate in choosing the most effective tools to engage for a study's objectives.

  • Central Location Testing

    Deepen insights into emotions and sensory cues which heighten perception of product benefits and motivate repeat use.

  • Home Use Testing

    Uncover how product usage impacts behavior in-the-moment.  Identify true potential to disrupt the market.

  • Online Qualitative Research

    Immerse yourself into the lives of target consumers by engaging online through moderated discussions and behavioral activities.

  • Mobile Usage Testing

    Engage research participants anytime and anywhere within moments to learn how messaging activates and products motivate behavior.