Where is the “white space” for your idea?

In the discovery process of research the “fuzzy front end” is where you find space for your innovation. Find the white space for your idea, product or service to strategically set the stage for true and deep differentiation from competitors in your market area. This discovery research also clarifies your focus in order to achieve a high return on your innovation investments.   

Using unique qualitative and quantitative behavioral research approaches with our team, create a pipeline of viable product and service ideas ready to develop and bring to market successfully and cost-effectively. Importantly, we help you truly understand your competitive set by considering where your new innovation, renovated product, or honed service will play—and set you up to define the criteria you will use to achieve success in-market.

Better Insights for White Space Discovery?

How we solve it.


A unique BehaviorLens Approach® group of behavioral frameworks forms the basis of InsightsNow research methodologies.

By becoming more behavioral in the way we look at humans we gain new insight about why products succeed—from innovation to branding to messaging. Looking at moments of consumer motivations and behaviors in relation to all phases of the business, we help you bring more successful products to market, faster.

What is behind all this? The human.

behavior lense

Need Idea Testing?

How we solve it.


Tournaments/Playoffs provide a unique evaluation of ideas, concepts or messages, combing choice, ranking, and rating metrics to gain a complete picture of which ideas, if any, are useful for inspiring new choices or behaviors.  

The Playoff approach pits ideas against each other using current market products as benchmarks to quickly filter through ideas which have a promise 

How it works: 

  • You provide any number of ideas, concept, or names as input into the playoff. As a person completes the questionnaire, real-time logic is used to perform the tournament sort. Each idea is randomly placed into one or more sets. Each person is presented with a series of sets where they choose the best and the worst within each set. For each idea in the set additional diagnostics such as purchase interest, frequency, uniqueness, etc. are assessed. Once all sets have been seen the winners are ranked 
  • All the metrics are combined into a single overall tournament score allowing you to identify the top ideas not just based on a single KPI but multiple behavioral KPI’s simultaneously. This ensures the most robust assessment of ideas.  

Faster Concept Design?

How we solve it.


Implicit testing avoids the inaccuracy of direct Q&A responses to yield a more accurate predictor of behavior by capturing native emotional reactions as well as rational thinking.

Research to help companies make faster, more informed clean label decisions requires accurate prediction of behavior reactions—approach or avoid—to branded products with given claims and ingredient labels. Asking a research participant to directly predict their behaviors in response to a brand, claim or ingredient is known to be a poor predictor of actual behavior.


Unlock Prospective Thinking to Change Behavior with PlayFULL Insights®

PlayFULL Insights® (PFI), a play-based behavioral research methodology, is a powerful way to unlock the prospective thinking behind key consumer decisions.  Prospective thinking is an innate way of remembering the past to anticipate and imagine future outcomes.

To influence—and potentially change—consumer behavior, companies need to fully understand their customer’s mindset.

PlayFULL Insights uncovers prospective thinking.


Working with client teams on the front end of innovation: combining inspiration, applied imagination, and consumer behavioral insights

Co-Creation is an iterative approach in Innovation and Product Development phases with consumer insights and innovation teams.  It combines qualitative sessions and quantitative feed-back to developers to refine a product concept and jump start prototype development.  It speeds bringing the right products to success in the market.


After the concept list is created, you need to know what attributes and combinations are most important.  Which will drive trial and repeat purchase?   When introducing new products or extensions, what’s the best combination of new offerings that maximizes your success in market?  Choice modeling provides preference scores of the new product options against each other and against the existing product offerings to ensure you bring your strongest combination to the game.






The CRAEVS project team consists of CuliNex (Product Development) and InsightsNow (Consumer Research). Together our companies have formed a strategic alliance to provide CPG clients with a turnkey product development methodology called CRAEVS (Clean Label Research Through Agile Evolutions into Stores). CRAEVS is fast, efficient, flexible, and cost effective, and specifically designed to create or improve products in disruptive new categories.


No matter what problem you are looking to solve, InsightsNow has a research solution for you. We believe no part of the development process exists in a silo, so we blend various approaches and techniques together to provide deep dives into human behavior. A full toolbox allows us to collaborate most effectively by choosing the best mix of tools to engage for your study’s objectives.  Then, we’ll help you activate the insights to drive business results.