Emotions Testing Uncovers the True Experience 

Go beyond “liking” to understand your consumer’s subconscious emotional cues for successful product design and development.  Emotions Testing is an application of the Implicit/Explicit Test™ that can be used to understand motivating emotional connections between participants and an aspect of the product, service, or messaging experience.


Emotions are fast, fleeting and complex – hard to measure 

Emotions are easily associated with words, images and metaphors that are triggered by immediate experiences, recalled past experiences or even imagined future outcomes.  Thus, a special class of implicit techniques using an indirect prime response is ideally suited to accurately measure emotions.

Combining emotions scores with other attribute scoring can identify the differences in  emotional experiences between products otherwise scored similarly.     


The Emotions Insight Wheel™

An InsightsNow behavioral framework for interpreting emotions testing results.

Typical questions that Emotions Testing answer are:

  • Which claims are most relevant and Impactful?
  • How does my product or service make people feel?  Does that fit with our desired brand image?
  • What attributes have the greatest affect on a consumer’s emotional reactions?

Truly understanding the consumer emotions about product attributes or components —beyond “likes and dislikes”— enables development teams to creatively design appropriate cues that tell consumers the product will truly deliver the emotional impact promised by the brand.

Products need to be able to trigger the specific intended emotions in your consumer to achieve maximum success. Understanding the emotions elicited by specific aspects and sensory experiences improves product design and goes beyond “likes and dislikes”. It ensures your product is customized to deliver exactly the experience each consumer most desires, making a better, lasting connection with your consumer on an emotional level.

Expanding an unbranded CLT product study with this powerful technique uncovers the subconscious, emotion-based cues from your target. Armed with new emotions insights, you can base your development on a wholistic behavioral picture, providing better distinction for your product and connections all the way from decision making to purchase.

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How it works

This technique has the participant select an image as a metaphor for the fleeting emotion(s) felt and projected on a respective object (e.g. a product experience) in the context of an eliciting condition (e.g. expected experience outcome). This image is then scored on its associations to words describing feelings (e.g. enjoy, disappointed, surprised) using The Implicit / Explicit Test™.


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Design for the consumer's motivation

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By truly understanding the consumer emotions about the ingredients—beyond “likes and dislikes”—the Tyson development team creatively designed a multi-component breakfast product that truly delivered the emotional impact promised by the brand.

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