How the Vaccine Changes Behavior

May 20, 2021

Behavior change with the vaccine is based on one’s perception and focus of Safety.


The question of the year ……….

Are You Vaccinated?”

A group of 322 people completed a survey April 10-13

They were asked about:

  • Vaccine Plans & Reasons
  • Impact on Planned Behaviors


Are or Plan to Become Vaccinated


Undecided or No Plan

Location Matters, Age, not so much


Are or Plan to Become Vaccinated


Undecided or No Plan

     Vaccination Impacted People Differently

19% No change in Life

Safety protocols, but feel better

26% High Impact on their life

  • Hugging relatives
  • Ate inside at a restaurant
  • Went to Mall of America

     Vaccination Helps Say Goodbye to Social Anxiety!

“Felt more secure and safe because I teach young children.”

“I felt tremendous relief.  I can now make necessary forays into public areas without having a high level of anxiety.”

Planned Behaviors

More Social

More Groups

More Adventure

Some New Behaviors are Likely to Continue

What about Mask Wearing?

“You don’t really know if someone is vaccinated or not.   I would prefer that everyone still wear their masks inside.”

“I am fully vaccinated and feel the science has shown fully vaccinated individuals are at low risk of contracting and transmitting the virus.”

The Context Changes Our Comfort Level

Motivators are Key to Understanding Behavior

Mask wearing behaviors stem from a functional motivation for safety. We’re unlikely to see a fast change in mask wearing, and it will be context dependent.

Functional health and safety motivators

are central to everyone now as consumers feel their basic human needs are threatened – safety & protection, health, and preparedness.

Sensorial Motivators

A desire to satisfy cravings for specific sensory experiences.

Social Motivators

important due to changes in family relationships, peer-to-peer social relationships, who we trust, and our feelings toward ourselves.

Psychological Motivators

help people achieve balance in their lives.  Psychological balance is achieved through mood change.


How is this affecting our buying behaviors for products?

Sensorial and Social motivators will increase as we seek more social and group activities.

How Does This Impact Innovators?

Place your focus on core drivers and areas of greatest change

Feeling Safe is still the primary driver

Social activities will continue to increase

Out-of-Home activities will continue to increase