Food Service Packaging Concerns Weighed Against Safety

August 13, 2020

Restaurant Food Packaging Materials Concern

Due to COVID, majority of consumers (78%) are concerned about restaurant food packaging.

Comfort eating in restaurants is tied to trust in safety and cleanliness practices

  • Restaurants can be trusted to sufficiently clean and disinfect reusable items


  • Reusables are dirty and dangerous
  • I would always like the option of reusable items in a restaurant
  • Single use are essential for safety and cleanliness 
  • Single use plastics are unnecessarily wasteful and bad for the environment

Consumers amount of concern depends on the packaging type

Single Serve Condiments preferred regardless of COVID concern.


Disposable Cups Preferred by those who are more concerned  with COVID.  Looking at not concerned we see more prefer disposable cups, but a segment still want reusable cups.