Finding Holiday Magic

Consumers Anticipate “Different” Holiday Season

As the weather cools, people start moving indoors and looking toward the holiday season.  We asked CLEs about their emotions and plans as the season will be very “different” this year.

What will the holidays be like this year?


What are Current Motivators?

In September, consumer purchases s were primarily Functional motivated. In September purchase motivations were more functional as more people were concerned with job losses and other economic stressors, along with most schools starting virtually.

So what changes are people making?


Travel (visiting out of town family 75%)

Dining out (72%)

Attending parties (72%)

In-home entertaining (68%)

Shopping in-person (64%)

Festive clothing (51%)

“Everything is so up in the air with COVID this year … We may celebrate without children and grandchildren which is not really a celebration. Very sad this year.”


Home-cooked meals (89%)

Online shopping (88%)

Charitable Donations (87%)

Gift cards & mailed gifts (82%)

Home Made Gifts (79%)

Decorating (70%)

“Decorating is one of my favorite things to do around the holidays. It brings cheer and joy.”

A majority of CLEs chose positive emotions to describe their outlook.

In the mid-range of emotions scores, there were equal numbers of people claiming Excited/Energetic as Worried/Anxious.

Also, Indifferent and Dreading were noteable.

Where will People Find their Holiday Magic?

Personalized Gifts

“I would love to visit the small shops in our town square. I always buy pieces of pottery made by local artisans for my daughters.”

Creative Smaller Affairs

“II love to cook and this year have changed things. I won’t be cooking for a large group this year.

New Ways to Connect

“We’re having a virtual holiday gathering this season.

How Do We Help Make the Magic Happen

Personalized Gifts

 How can your messaging or your product be tailored or packaging so it can become a part of something personal they create?

How can you create a way for people to create a personalized gift without a large expense?

Creative Smaller Affairs

 How can you help them be [more] creative?

What new foods can you help them experience and cook?

How can you cater to smaller groups?

New Ways to Connect

How can you create a way to share an experience virtually?

How can you’re your brand be involved in making new connections?

What new experience are you able to create that has never been created before?