Shopping Patterns are Adapting

Week of April 13, 2020


CLE’s are managing a need for frugality with their healthy lifestyle goals. Not compromising values in a world of change.


Grocery Shopping Adaptations

  • Participants pride themselves on planning ahead to feel prepared. Specifically, people in rural areas already have limited access to grocery stores, have been doing this for their families
  • Pandemic shopping makes people relate more to their grandparents and understand their behaviors which were developed during the Great Depression.
  • Learning tips and tricks to be thrifty while still maintaining a healthy diet/lifestyle.

    Shopping is a way to “take control”

    • Shelf stable items make people feel safe as they don’t need to leave their house as often
    • Stocking up on basic staples give people security they can take care of their family
    • Cleaning supplies/ vitamins/ medicine/ fruits/ vegetables to feel pro-active
    • Turning to specific foods for comfort
    • Dessert indulgences such as candy, cakes, donuts, ice cream
    • Nostalgic foods such as mac n’ cheese, PB& J
    • Heartier foods such as stews, roasts, pastas
    • Alcohol

    CLE Quotes

    The CLE Community reacted to an article on “Grocery Rules for Your Coronavirus Lockdown….”(1)

    Reference: (

    “I do freeze fresh berries after washing and letting them dry.  I do a lot of chickpeas for snacking, like garlic parmesan, hot chili, honey and BBQ.  I do a lot of soups so always have black beans, chickpeas, peas, kidney beans, northern beans, black-eyed peas for the soups chilis, or bean dishes with tomatoes or something else thrown in that I may have.  Lately we have been experimenting with tuna for patties, like the other night…tuna and zucchini patties with parmesan cheese and chili powder.  So, I agree with the article there are things people can buy without cleaning off the shelves.”


    For some reason we seem to think if we need something, just make a quick trip to the store & pick up a few things which can sometimes be very expensive in add-on(s). From my perspective, we are not only making History, we are living/experiencing History firsthand. Overall I enjoyed the article & I hope it helps people believe that there is a light @ the end of the tunnel