Adapting to the New Normal

dAugust 30, 2021

Over the pandemic Trust Emerges as a Key Motivator 

Trust is a Control Mechanism to help people cope with concerns and fears.

Trust in the US Food System & who should be responsible for food safety

Since 2019, CLE’s trust in the safety of the food system has increased dramatically.

There is a Trust Gap between the level of trust and who both CLE and non-CLE hold responsible for Food safety.

Trust in regulators and food companies increased during the pandemic.   While this is great news for regulators, and food companies, there is still a gap between holding responsible and trusting.

Especially among

  • Food companies (and the brands that people have relationships with)
  • with Fed and State Govt Regulators
  • to less degree for Grocery stores


Vaccination Attitudes and Trust in the US Food System

A strong association is seen among those who don’t trust vaccines and those who don’t trust the US food system.

Those who distrust the vaccine also distrust institutional groups to ensure food safety or as sources of information.