Creative Socializing around Food

CLE’s find creative ways to socialize around food


Week of April 13, 2020

Now that we have all had to become a little more creative with being social, how and what role does food play when you are being “social”?

Common themes we heard:

  • Something everyone can relate to
  • Can share on social media
  • Mealtime with family is the new socializing. From trying new recipes, to prepping, making and enjoying dinner time is even more important for connecting with people.

“I haven’t had any extra social situations since the start of shelter-at-home or social distancing.  The closest to socializing over food would be meals with just my husband and me.  Nothing has changed.  Something I have noticed though, is that it feels like people are sharing food related posts on social media more, like sharing pictures of their meals, recipes, etc.” 



“My family has been cooking more together and collaborating more about meal ideas. Like other people, snacking and mealtime have become sources of entertainment and we’ve been eating more. We’ve celebrated one birthday with a big seafood meal, and we discussed having an outdoor cookout and a crafts/mask-making party for the immediate family. I’ve noticed that my college age sister is taking more interest in grocery shopping and cooking, because she is often bored at home in between doing schoolwork. …….My immediate family had an Easter dinner, and I know many people had to forgo traditional religious/holiday meals with friends and family or have virtual meals together.”  


People are sharing information to help connect to local restaurants.

“I think a lot of people are ordering take out/delivery food options. One gal even started a Facebook page focusing on and sharing info about local food options. The restaurants have expressed appreciation for this post as it’s helped many people be aware of the different menus offered by area restaurants.”