Finding Beauty in Beastly Times

September 18, 2020

With everything else disrupted, beauty routines are an area we can maintain control. We are using beauty products to help us cope.

Emotions toward beauty routines have shifted from pre-pandemic times …

from Rushed & Stressed → Relaxed & Calm

While disrupted habits were expected, 80% of people reported maintaining their usual routine, both in InsightsNow CLE Community and a recent NPD study.

 Motivations for Maintaining Beauty Routine 80% of people


Protects my skin, hair, or nails (from UV rays, pollution, etc.)

I care about the long-term health of my skin, hair and/or nails


Makes me relax

It's Entertaining


Want to look healthier

Fits my personality

 Motivations for Changing Beauty Routine 20% of people


No one sees me

Less social occasions


Saving money


Better for my skin

 Motivations for Changing Beauty Routine 20% of people

 Emotions Towards Beauty Routine

Rushed and Stressed

“My life prior to the pandemic was busy. Fast moving and hardly had time to see what is around me.”

“Rushed, busy, lots of things to do”

Relaxed & Calm

“I want to keep my normal routine to feel at peace and in harmony as much as possible during this time of uncertainty”

“Just floating along… trying to pick the best out of every situation and keep on going.”

COVID sequestering gave us more time

More time made us feel less rushed and more calm

COVID heightened our fears for our health

Our routines and habits helps us have more peace

4 in 5 maintained their beauty routine, as this is one of the few routines which we were not forced to change

How to Find Beauty in the COVID Beast

1. Focus on Motivations

  • Functional motivations are the foundation – everyone still needs to take care of their body in a healthy way
  • Social motivations are centered on improving self rather than impressing others
  • Psychological motivations, especially using beauty routines to improve mood is key to keeping primary products selling
  • Sensorial motivations are just starting to spike. Bringing out new experiences and connecting them to calming emotions is key to success


2.  Be attentive to the need for price sensitivity

  • There are still many people struggling to meet the base functional motivations, offering support will improve brand connectedness