Qualitative Behavioral Research

We specialize in applying human psychology about behavior to qualitative research to help our clients accelerate innovation and business success.

We also seamlessly integrate qualitative research with quantitative research and design hybrid qual+quant research programs.  It’s all custom, designed specifically for each client’s learning/research objectives, budget and timeline.

InsightsNow’s quickly growing co-creation and co-design methods uncover sensorial triggers of behavior for R&D innovation teams. These triggers are used to move new products to market faster with greater harmony between brand and product/service.

Greg Stucky, our Chief Research Officer, and Karen Lynch, 2016 winner of NextGen’s Disruptive Innovator award and our Senior Director of Qualitative Research, inspire research designs which generate new insights into consumer and employee perceptions, opinions, behaviors and attitudes.

In every sector, innovation timelines are shrinking and the need to launch more successful products sooner is ever increasing.  Our team’s expertise is in insights discovery with a focus on behavioral research to accelerate R&D, marketing and digital innovation by reducing cycle times and getting new products and services to market faster and more successfully.

Our team designs and delivers insights from custom qualitative research done through a variety of techniques:

  • 1:1 interviews/IDIs
  • online diaries
  • research conducted in central locations 1:1, in dyads, in focus groups
  • as well as in-depth ethnographies conducted in consumers homes and while shopping
  • And for B2B clients,  interviews with customers/buyers in their offices

We like challenges.  What’s yours?