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Clean Label Enthusiasts Community Market Research

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When an important trend shapes new business directions, probing the leading-edge adopters can help companies adapt faster to provide products and services that fit changing preferences.

InsightsNow offers a unique community of Clean Label Enthusiasts™ that taps into the heart of this growing segment's behavior, preferences and aversions in the food, personal care, body care, and home care markets.

Members in the Shopper Advisors Community are tapped for research through the Behavioral App Store.  They are pre-screened to be specific category buyers and/or representatives of shoppers with specific buying behaviors.

Your Access to the Custom Community provides:

  • Workspace: Contains a wealth of information into what ingredients are perceived as “clean” using an innovative behavioral metric called a “Clean Label Score.” You are able to overlay this rich scoring data with your own custom business and target audience segments
  • Quarterly/Monthly Industry Reports: Tracked behaviors and underlying motives detailed in quarterly behavioral reports allow you to deeply understand the evolution and current trends.
  • Custom Engagement Services: Get your custom research questions answered rapidly through exceptionally fast turn services support learning sprints and build proprietary knowledge.

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