The CRAEVS project team consists of CuliNex (Product Development) and InsightsNow (Consumer Research). Together our companies have formed a strategic alliance to provide CPG clients with a turnkey product development methodology called CRAEVS (Clean Label Research Through Agile Evolutions into Stores). CRAEVS is fast, efficient, flexible, and cost effective, and specifically designed to create or improve products in disruptive new categories

Designed to create or improve products in disruptive new categories.


CRAEVS is a five-phase process that rapidly moves a project from the initial discovery and opportunity identification to in-store retail testing. With the entire PD process between those two ends. Its rapid, agile, iterative, consumer behavior driven product development. In its totality, the CRAEVS solution offers a way to not only come out with a product designed to disrupt, but to do it in blazing speed – typically 6-9 months.

The CRAEVS approach involves three integrated sets of activities: product development, consumer and market research and retail store testing. CRAEVS services are modular and can be customized to fit each project’s unique requirements. 

1. FIND YOUR FOCUS: Clean Label Category Review

  • Understand competitors & consumers to find innovation opportunities 

  • Measure Behavioral KPIs as motivators for category choice 

  • Measure consumer choice as a category behavioral baseline

  • Competitive Scan 

  • Opportunity Ideation based on Behavioral KPIs

  • Formulation Direction & Technical Feasibility Assessments

2. CREATE YOUR CONCEPT:   Co-Create Concepts

InsightsNow Research Chefs Association
  • PlayFULL Insights – Imagine the future using prospective thinking with Culinologists & consumers 

  • Ideation to develop concept direction with behavioral insights 

  • Co-Design concepts with Culinologists and consumers to impact behavior 

  • Develop Concept Statements 
    –   Platform Concepts with representative flavor SKU Concepts

3.  BUILD YOUR PRODUCT:   Co-Design Products & Packaging

  • Culinologists create a series of initial product prototypes against the target concept 

    –   Contract Manufacturer Sourcing 
    –   Ingredient Sourcing 
    –   Formulation Research & Benchtop Development 
    –   Prototype Samples 

  • Rapidly iterate with consumers to evolve the prototype and package designs 

  • Validate final formulations and packaging designs with consumers


4. SCALE TO COMMERCIALIZE:   Products/Packaging 

food plant snack former
  • Formula revisions & final prototype development to scale in commercial production
  • Pilot testing & plant trials to prepare samples
  • Development of final specifications
  • In-home validation of scale-up


  • Select in-store testing against planogram or positioning options
  • Validate through buy home use test against Behavioral KPI’s of repeat
  • Validate product through home use testing using Behavioral KPI’s of repeat choice against competitive set

CRAEVS Stages Explored.

We’ve created comprehensive posts that include all of the stages related to the CRAEVS Solution. Now you can quickly find each stage of the CRAEVS agile product development process in one easy quick reference.