Who are Clean Label Enthusiasts?

Heightened consumer “sensitivities” toward clean labels have increasing impact on buying behavior in the marketplace. This unique Clean Label Enthusiasts® (CLE) research community from InsightsNow is made up of these “forward thinking” primary shoppers in this rapidly growing consumer segment.  Since 2017, CLEs have increased from 15% to 33% of the US population.

This community has distinct points of view about ingredients, claims and brands.  It is a clean-living segmentation driven by distrust in government and large institutions. In the United States CLEs are not segmented politically or geographically by west/east coast, southern US or other regional segmentation.  There are many CLEs in Georgia, Texas and Florida, in fact the south has the largest number of CLEs in the US, while proportionally there are more CLEs on the west coast and NE.

While the free-from movement poses many challenges to the food industry, the CLE community helps you quickly find answers and insights to solve your business challenges—and respond in an agile and effective manner to consumer demands.


Clean Label Groth