Using Clean Label Scoring for Ingredients, Brands and Claims

Define What is “Clean” with Behavioral Scoring

By utilizing the CLE™ community, food company researchers are:

  • Taking advantage of innovative, new metrics—CLE™ implicit behavioral scores—to quantify ingredients perceived as "clean label" in the context of a food or beverage application
  • Gaining access to a custom portfolio of services that rapidly and cost effectively tap into the minds of the CLE™ community
  • Moving new, innovative products (developed based on consumer behaviors) to market faster, and with more success

Using a unique behavioral scoring system, every ingredient, brand, and claim receives a “Clean Label Score” for moments of anticipated use within consumer products categories.

The Clean Label Score is based on implicit behavioral science techniques to gauge avoidance or acceptance of ingredients, brands and/or claims from either a emotional or rational reaction. By uncovering sensory cues that signal “approach” or “avoid” through emotions such as fear, hope or desire, you avoid the inaccuracy of direct Q&A responses and yield more accurate predictors of behavior.

Clean Label Scoring helps you determine solutions to challenges such as what ingredients to display, what claims will result in the greatest resonance with your target, what contexts of use are associated with brand choice among various segments, and more.

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