Webinar- The Future of Packaging in the New Trust Economy

Date:   Thursday, July 11     2 pm ET

Dave Lundahl, CEO

What do consumers want and expect in product packaging now?  Besides protecting the integrity, safety, and sensory qualities of a product from production to use, what more is important to a consumer's purchase decision?

To help guide companies toward success, we recently surveyed consumers to learn their current perceptions, priorities, and desires for food packaging.

Some of these questions are:

    • What functions of food packaging are most important to you before product use?  prevent breakage or contamination, protect sensory properties (flavor, color, aroma, texture), weight, ease of opening & handling, provide long shelf-life, attractive shape, ease of storage.
    • What functions of food packaging are most important to you after product use? reducing waste for disposal, bio-degradation.
    • What types of packaging materials are most accepted, least accepted,
    • Which sources of information do these consumers trust?

This webinar shares behavioral insights uncovered from answers to these questions recently posed to consumers of their Clean Label Enthusiasts community and of the general population.

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Webinar- Behavioral KPI’s for Identifying Winners -Measuring Human Emotions

Implicit, Explicit, or Prospective Thinking and Measuring Human Emotions

Date:   Thursday, June 13,  2 pm ET

Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer

Behavioral scientists have identified three distinct modes of human thinking that are relevant to sensory and consumer research.  Knowing these distinctions has value if employing this knowledge boosts product success by improving the accuracy and relevancy of sensory and consumer insights.

What are these three modes - implicit, explicit and prospective thinking? And, how do they impact consumers' food product choices and how consumers internalize food product experiences?

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Definitions and implications of the three modes – implicit, explicit, and prospective thinking.
  • Respective sources of response variation and experimental design control points to help sensory professionals understand how to control and account for these models of thinking in the design of sensory and consumer studies.
  • Linkage of these three modes of thinking to a discrete emotions framework called the Emotions Insights Wheel.
  • Case studies will show examples of how this behavioral framework improves measures of product discrimination and success prediction.

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Webinar- The Alternative Protein Mindset: Cultivating Consumer Trust

Consumer attitudes to alternative proteins

Date:   Thursday, May 9,  2 pm ET

Dave Lundahl, CEO

What's going on with consumers and alternative protein products?

Besides vegans and vegetarians, Clean Label Enthusiasts and many general population omnivores are also opting more often for alternative proteins at meals instead of meats.  They could be motivated by health, sustainability, economic interests or a combination of these influences.  With this increasingly broad range of customers using alternative proteins, the need grows to understand their expectations, concerns, and desires from this category.

Food companies are answering the market interest with a host of new non-meat options, but have many questions about this new market. Some of these questions are:

    • What is the depth of acceptance for alternative proteins among the general population and among Clean Label Enthusiasts?
    • Which sources of information do these consumers trust?
    • Which alternative proteins are most and least accepted? How do perceptions of alternative proteins compare to perceptions of animal proteins?
    • What are the main reasons that individuals accept or avoid alternative proteins? Do consumers care most about health, taste, sustainability, affordability, or something else?
    • Which alternative protein best fits MY product category?

Snack bar with alternative proteinsInsightsNow posed these questions to their CLE community, as well as the general population, and uncovered behavioral insights to share at this webinar.

Join us to learn what we uncovered!                                 

Webinar- Clean Label and the new Trust Economy

Transparency key to embracing the Clean Label challenge.

Speed innovation and strengthen claims using behavioral measures from the Clean Label community.

Date:   Thursday, April 4,  2 pm ET

Dave Lundahl, CEO

Trust. Influence. Reputation. Accountability.

Consumers are demanding more transparency in every aspect of their lives—especially in what they and their families eat, put in their mouths, place on their skin, and breath or come into contact from within their home environments.  Join us to dive into this free-from movement where 1 in 4 consumers demand a clean label in over half of the products they buy.

Learn why perception is reality, driven by the new trust economy where likes on social media signal trust more than marketing content from large corporations or scientific “facts” from academia or the government.

Backed by 19,000 responses from US primary shoppers and a database of hundreds of thousands of behavioral measures from a community of “Clean Label Enthusiasts™,” we will offer six recommendations for how to overcome the clean label challenge for market success.

Hear case studies from industry leaders who are accelerating their learning cycles through access to behavioral measures from Clean Label Enthusiasts.  They’re confidently making ingredient and claim decisions for brands they support from KPIs generated about consumer clean label perceptions.

Please join us for 30 minutes and bring your questions.  Imagine where you can apply this research to your innovation and marketing challenges.

We hope to see you there,
The Team at InsightsNow                                           

Webinar-Going Behavioral with Implicit / Explicit Testing

Implicit testing - Emotions activate decisions

Research Applications of Implicit Measures of Emotions

Where are unique applications of implicit testing that provide the needed insights to speed innovation?

Date:   Thursday, March 7,  2 pm ET

Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer

Research participants, as well as most people, want to give "right" answers, especially if asked to predict their future behavior.  With this challenge, how do you dig deeper and elicit honest, accurate predictors of their acceptance of products or ingredients?

Implicit testing leverages context to measure emotional and rational reactions which motivate decisions and behavior, especially acceptance vs avoidance behaviors.  This has a particular application with Clean Label Enthusiasts, providing insights into acceptance or avoidance of ingredients or component materials.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How implicit/explicit testing works and examples of analytical and interpretation methods.
  • food avoidance behaviorWhat questions are best suited for this approach.
  • How to differentiate products quantitatively based on their emotional impact profile.
  • How you can amp up your research with implicit testing.

Please join us for 30 minutes and bring your questions.  Imagine where you can apply this research approach to your innovation and marketing challenges.

We hope to see you there,
The Team at InsightsNow                                           

Webinar- February 2019 Hopes, Dreams and Resolutions of Clean Label Enthusiasts

Hopes, Dreams, and New Year’s Resolutions from Clean Label Enthusiasts

How are they changing going into 2019?

Date:   Thursday, February 7,  2 pm ET

Dave Lundahl, President  and Julie Quante, Research Director

It’s January and everyone is still trying to dive into their new resolutions.  As we move into 2019, we are curious about how the behavior of "free-from" consumers will manifest in the New Year and how it differs from their intentions and behavior last year.  These Clean Label Enthusiasts consumers look for food and personal care products with simple, healthy, "clean-label" ingredients. 

Join us for a view of how Clean Label Enthusiasts in our custom community are changing and how they envision their future – their hopes, fears, and resolutions.   As this vocal, passionate consumer base is shaping general expectations for clean product labels, we want to help future-proof your business in light of these insights.                                  

In this webinar, you'll learn about: 

  • Changes in "Clean Label Enthusiasts" (CLEs) urban/rural consumer trends 
  • Differences in emotional and behavioral frameworks between CLE's and non-CLE's 
  • Upcoming and current purchasing behaviors toward product categories 
  • Research approaches to learn what trade-offs these consumers will accept 

Please join us for 30 minutes to learn ways to keep your business ahead of the trends. InsightsNow CEO, Dave Lundahl, will share some of the newest insights into this leading-edge segment's behavior and how you can apply this research approach to your innovation and marketing challenges. 

We hope to see you there,
The Team at InsightsNow     

Webinar 16: January 10, 2019 “When Researchers Play: Insights from CRC 2018”

Presented by Karen Lynch, Sr. Director, Qualitative Insights, on Thursday, January 10, 2 pm ET

We invited attendees at the Corporate Researchers Conference this fall to play with LEGO® bricks in response to a research question and watched their creative juices flow. They enjoyed building models with their hands while uncovering new insights into their own relationship to their research.  This directed play moved professional researchers into imagining themselves in future scenarios using an innovative approach, PlayFULL Insights, which unlocks System 3 (Prospective) thinking.  Through play they expressed their aspirations for the future and provided examples of PlayFull applications for consumer research and other problem solving.

In this webinar, we'll:

  • Share models created by researchers along with their stories
  • Demonstrate the power of play to help people dig deeply into their imaginative Prospective, or System 3, thinking
  • Show applications of this approach to group problem solving for many arenas




Spoiler alert:  PlayFULL Insights® is a qualitative method where participants use LEGO® bricks to build stories in response to carefully-crafted questions working towards faster and greater understanding of key research needs. The models created become tangible representations of people’s thoughts; the stories they tell provide insight into their memories and imaginations and the complex nuances of their prospective thinking.

Please join us on Thursday, January 10, at 2:00 pm ET, for a webinar which will have you thinking about the future and imagining how you might glean consumer insights in an entirely new manner.

Hope to see you there!

Webinar -Dec ’18- Leveraging the Power of CATA

Sensory Diagnostics with a Behavioral Mindset

Taking Advantage of the Power of CATA Questions in Product Assessments

(check all that apply)

Presented by:

Sarah Kirkmeyer, Sr. Director Client Partnerships and Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer.

Presented:   Thursday, December 6

Getting more for less!

We constantly struggle to capture all the information we want from consumers, while keeping them fully engaged throughout the questionnaire. One simplified approach is to use fewer scales and more CATA questions. In comparison to scalar questions, CATA questions are simple to execute and generate fewer sources of error.

When care is taken to manage the mindset and system of thinking the consumers are in when answering CATA questions, and when modern analytics are applied, it is possible to build a shorter questionnaire while delivering more information.

In this webinar you'll learn:
    • Tips and tricks for getting the most out of CATA questions
    • Narrow your list of attributes to focus optimization efforts
    • An example of how CATA was used to replace JAR scales deliver greater depth of attribute insights for product innovation

The presentation is available by registering through the button above.

Hope to see you there!

Webinar 14 – November 2018- Clean Label – for Pets, too!

Pet Foods - A Clean Label Deep Dive

Presented by:  Karen Lynch, Sr. Director Qualitative Insights and Amy Mahony, Sr. Researcher Qualitative Insights.

Presented Thursday, November 15, 2 pm ET

Headlines tell the story.   “Human food trends driving pet food product innovation”   PETFOOD INDUSTRY.COM

Who are these Clean Label pet owners?   How does the industry understand and deliver specifically what they want?

We asked pet owners in our Clean Label Enthusiast Community about their attitudes, habits, and priorities for providing their pets with "Clean" foods and treats.  We found many insights to share regarding what they regard as safe, natural, and high quality.

Through this webinar, you’ll learn:

    • Thoughts and beliefs of Clean Label pet owners
    • Attributes that are most important in products and Clean Labels
    • Why they trust and mistrust products/brands
    • Ingredients seen as Clean or Not Clean
    • Claims that resonate well or are suspect to buyers
    • Trends to watch in the future

Get more information on research with Clean Label Enthusiasts on Pet Care.


Webinar 13 – October 2018- Human Insight, Not Just Data Hindsight

Bringing Consumer Tracking Data to Life

Presented Thursday, October 4, 2018

Can you find your human buyers & users through the tracking research you do?   What else could animate your tracking of product or brand performance, and customers' perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors?

Besides tracking  "what" behavior in your research, digging deeper into context of subjects' choices through specific tools can uncover the right "why" factors relevant to your business success.

Through this webinar, you’ll gain answers:

  • Why Tracking research IS important – what makes it most valuable? (Hint: it’s about Behavior!)
  • Relevancy? How this lens is critical for tracking programs
  • How can you breath more life into trackers – and what are the benefits?
  • Multi-dimensional insights: Integrating passive digital tracking + quantitative + qualitative
  • What’s your low-hanging fruit for making tracking research more alive?
    • Human Behavior Tracking
    • Digital Clickstream Tracking
    • Brand Health Tracking
    • Marcom Tracking

This webinar will have you thinking about the future and imagining how you might glean consumer insights in an entirely new manner.

Hope to see you!

Download the pdf.

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