Webinar 4 – November 2017 “Clean Label Enthusiasts”

Going Clean Label? Make Faster, More Informed Behavior-Based Decisions

Take a look at the "why" behind the latest food trends, and what to do about it!

Date:   Presented Thursday, November 2,  2 pm ET, 

Dave Lundahl, CEO, InsightsNow

 Noel Anderson, Managing Partner, Mosaic Food Advisors

Clean Label Enthusiasts Community Market Research

Are you considering developing or modifying products to "clean-up" ingredient labels?

Heightened consumer “sensitivities” toward ingredients and clean labels is rapidly impacting
buying behavior. This “free-from” food movement poses many challenges to the food industry—
requiring new insights to know how to respond.

To meet this challenge, InsightsNow has established a community of Clean Label Enthusiasts- those consumers underlying the free-from movement.  Tapping into this community we have learned much about the whys underlying this movement.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Key challenges as a food manufacturer in making the right decisions in the face of the free-from food movement.
  • New learnings about Clean Label Enthusiasts - what behaviors distinguish them, and why they act as they do.
  • How you can gain access to this community to speed up decision making for claims and ingredient label design, and for product design and product development.

Please join us for a webinar that will share new opportunities to ride the trend successfully by zeroing into the heart of the market with sharper focus.


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Webinar 3 – October 2017 “Uncover New Insights in Your Next Product Study – Easy “Add-Ons” to Amplify your next CLT or HUT”

Please join us for the next 1st Thursday WebinarsNow™ presentation.

Date & Time:   October 5, 2017      2:00 PM EDT

Uncover New Insights in Your Next Product Study
Easy Add-Ons to Amplify your next CLT or HUT

If you are ready to develop products which pass validation and are more successful in market, then it is time to improve your product studies with some simple amplification techniques to driver greater insights.Watch Webinar recording

This webinar will showcase three simple ways you can creatively take you beyond what is typically done in CLTs and HUTs—and these new amplifications don’t require a more lengthy or costly process!

  • Leverage consumer emotions,
  • Implement targeted interviewing techniques, and
  • Utilize video and pictures.

By adding on deep-dive techniques, you will learn more about your consumer, your product development decisions, your product issues, and your post-launch chance for success — all while having more fun with your research.

Presenters:   Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer 


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Webinar 2 – September 2017 “The Free-From Food Movement: Insights, Trends and Challenges”

Making business decisions for clean label ingredient development and product positioning

Please join us for our new WebinarsNow series.

Co-presenters:   David Lundahl, CEO and Sarah Kirkmeyer, Senior Director, Client Partnerships
We have seen free-from food buying behavior grow exponentially among various consumer groups—including millennials—in recent years.  As this trend in the food marketplace continues a growth trajectory, food and beverage manufactures, ingredient companies and retailers are working to respond. Consumer research provides the basis for sound business decisions when faced with these kinds of behavioral shifts in this space, and helps us identify and act upon food fads and trends.

During this webinar we will explore questions such as:

  • Should more new clean label products be brought to market?
  • Can existing products be reformulated in response to trends?
  • What ingredients are most impacted by free from buying behavior?
  • How should brands and products look at positioning for this movement?
  • What consumer groups, like millennials, are most susceptible to these trends?

This webinar was presented live September 7, 2017, but you can stream the recording after registering.

Watch Webinar recording

And we know there are even more business challenges out there surrounding the free-from food movement, so it’s survey time – this time for you instead of your consumers!

Go HERE to complete the survey.  Initial results were presented  September 7, but we still want to here from you.   We'll update and present newer responses in a later post along with current consumer behavioral research on this subject.  Please join us!            

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Webinar 1 – August 2017 “Uncovering the Human Behind the Behavior”

Modernizing your qualitative approach


Please join us for the launch of our new WebinarsNow series.

Date & Time:   Aug 3, 2017      2:00 PM EDT

Not all innovations are methodological.  Sometimes, the innovation is in how you see the world.  In this webinar you will learn about how a modern approach to qualitative research …

  • Creates empathy and understanding of the human journey with insights into the on-ramps and off-ramps of behavior
  • Defines in-context motivators and emotional triggers behind buying and use behavior
  • Uncovers new perceptions which ensure products and services excite and delight

We will also share two real world examples using modern qual to help generate deep and unique insights — that, in turn, help you create the perfect product fit at every stage of the buying cycle.  Shift into the future with a modern qualitative mindset!

Presenters:   Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer and Karen Lynch, Sr. Director Qualitative Research

Watch Webinar recording

[The webinar recording is available to watch any time.]



Need more information?  Here’s an expanded description:

Insightful qualitative research has roots in uncovering perceptions, opinions, beliefs and attitudes.  Yet in the last five years, we’ve seen the need to go beyond understanding “why” and “how come” with a new focus on the behavioral aspects of a human’s life. We’re tapping into empathy to understand user personas, their customer journeys, the influences in their lives and their System 1 and System 2 thinking biases.

Modern qual takes a close look at core motivators and the associated triggers and cues. We seek to understand the beginning, middle and end of the story of a user’s relationship with a brand, focusing on the “on ramps” they take to start that journey and the “off ramps” they exit from.

At InsightsNow, we believe that an insight is a human truth you can take action on. So starting with an understanding of the humans our clients are marketing towards brings our client teams the insights they need to accelerate innovation and business success.

We'll discuss how you can explore the life of your would-be and current customers qualitatively.

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