Product Spark™

InsightsNow’s Product Spark™ is an innovative, proprietary exploration that gives unparalleled insight into behavior and usage.  This multi-modal, immersive approach puts the consumer in context with your product and allows you to design and develop on a deeper level for the highest level of product success.

Product Spark™ is one of InsightsNow's unique research methodologies based The BehaviorLens Approach® group of behavioral frameworks.

How it works:

You use sensory research—with interactive fabrics, tastes, scents, textures,
visuals—to discover the hidden cues behind your target audiences’ choices when motivated by the benefits your products are designed to deliver.

  • Identify implicit consumer connections that give you insight to ...
  • Communicate benefits to your consumer, and
  • Develop your products accordingly.

New Insights for Market Disruption- Introducing the Habit Flywheel™

For a business strategy to suceed, it must shake up the status quo and disrupt consumer behavior habits.

We found that marketers and innovators can influence or change consumer habits in three ways:
1. Target moments and routines, not people, to create upstream value
2. Translate ideas into products that offer better rewards to the consumer through effective de-sign
3. Reinforce new habits through a more holistic approach to your marketing mix

This is the foundation of InsightsNow's BehaviorLens Approach®.