Brand Positioning & Planning

Brand Positioning: Uncovers Moments of Opportunity for Innovation

Uncover moments of opportunities for successful brand positioning to leverage the interconnections of all the elements of a brand: benefits, emotions, actions, behaviors, and sensory cues. These brand fingerprints provide better clarity into how to position your brands for successful growth.

Tap into the human behaviors and discover where brand associations should be positioned. Then, tie in your product and service holistically with the entire product life-cycle, from concept to final sale.

How? By looking to your consumer, and their behavioral motivation from impression to purchase. Learn more about our “full picture” approach here.

Custom Brand Positioning and Planning Research for:
  • Assessing product or service across entire category
  • Consumer relevant brand positioning
  • Planning ahead for product line expansion

Find out how our team works together with you to help hone your brand positioning…

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Use custom research communities for brand planning

Anticipate and satisfy your target consumers' demands, wants and needs.

Custom research communities—like our Clean Label Enthusiast™ community—provide actionable behavioral insights into challenges and opportunities in all arenas of your business, including product development, brand positioning and marketing messaging.

BehaviorLens Approach

Capture unique events for specific behavior that sheds light on your planning challenges.

Video Testimonials

Amp up your research by collecting in-the-moment video responses that show actual product usage and give you candid insight into your participant’s responses.

Case Study: "Moments"

Bush’s needs to continually find new ways to innovate how people use beans. Learn how exploring consumer "moments" helps them position their brand successfully.

Full Service Research

A full toolbox allows Research Directors and clients to collaborate in choosing the most effective tools to engage for a study's objectives.

  • Central Location Testing

    Deepen insights into emotions and sensory cues which heighten perception of product benefits and motivate repeat use.

  • Home Use Testing

    Uncover how product usage impacts behavior in-the-moment.  Identify true potential to disrupt the market.

  • Online Qualitative Research

    Immerse yourself into the lives of target consumers by engaging online through moderated discussions and behavioral activities.

  • Mobile Usage Testing

    Engage research participants anytime and anywhere within moments to learn how messaging activates and products motivate behavior.