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Dr. Dave Lundahl is passionate about fostering innovation to create a cleaner, healthier world.  He is an entrepreneur—founding companies that follow this passion by providing consumer insights for faster and more successful innovation…

Dave Lundahl

CEO & Founder

Greg Stucky has focused his career on the development of new methods, techniques and services for research innovations. His deep experience in the application of consumer behavior to product innovation has garnered industry attention and awards…

Greg Stucky

Chief Research Officer

Jim Smith strives to implement and improve cost-effective, efficient processes to improve cycle times with improved internal organizational visibility which he feels are key to organizational success…

Jim Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Kristen Dale is an entrepreneurial leader with deep marketing research expertise with more than 25 years’ focus on the verticals of consumer packaged goods, foodservice, and media, with a passion for innovation and emerging methods…


Kristen Dale

Vice President Client Partnerships

Plant-Based Burgers

Supplements – Usage Trends & Personalization Interest

Ketogenic Supporting Supplements

Supplements – Immunity Boosters

Influencing Consumer Behavior

Supplements – Clean Label Meaning & Preferred Flavors & Benefits

Supplements – Attitudes & Usage

Trends & Social Media Effects on Clean Label Concerns