A unique BehaviorLens® Approach group of behavioral frameworks forms the basis of InsightsNow research methodologies.

Reinforce, Discover, Disrupt

InsightsNow is always looking to leverage the power of consumer mindsets for different moments. We call this “Moments Mindset“: defined as a group of people with similar mindsets and motivations for decision behavior in a specific context, situation or scenario. By delving in for actionable insights, we help you gain a competitive edge.

The InsightsNow approach is applicable to any business model or challenge, because it is based on consumer behavior. Some areas where we’ve partnered to help with product innovation, branding and marketing are:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Food and Beverage
  • Health and Beauty Care
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance and Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Financial Services
  • Technology Products and Services
  • and many more!

By becoming more behavioral in the way we look at humans we gain new insight about why products succeed—from innovation to branding to messaging. Looking at moments of consumer motivations and behaviors in relation to all phases of the business, we help you bring more successful products to market, faster.

No part of the development process exists in a silo, so at InsightsNow we look to tie these three areas of applications together through deep dives into human behavior. We all are motivated by what we “sense” in the moment – whether it’s a product on the store shelf, a brand impression or a marketing message. We have sensory cues that signal “approach” or “avoid” through emotions such as fear, hope or desire.

What is behind all this? The human. When you look at behavior, rather than demographics and other dry data, you get to the heart of the matter faster, more effectively and then in turn have greater success in market.

Our unique BehaviorLens® frameworks help you focus on changing behavior.

  • Modes of Thinking™  – understanding fast, slow, and anticipatory thinking modes for product assessment and visioning.
  • Moments Mindset – an overall description of how the behavioral frameworks help uncover motivations for decision behavior of a group of people in a specific context.


Our custom approaches to research are award winning: