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Product Development & Marketing Tools to Nudge and Disrupt Consumers

This on-demand behavioral research platform provides collaborative tools for teams of product designers, developers and marketers to rapidly and cost effectively disrupt and nudge consumers.

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Stay on market research trend with On-Demand Behavioral research!

Access unique Behavioral Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Behavioral Reports and custom research opportunities to accelerate learning through this cost effective online service.  It is a highly efficient, collaborative and economical improvement to your innovation research process.

This Suite of Behavioral Applications is available through an annual license with pre-purchased blocks of credits. Want to give the store a try?

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Behavior Knowledge Center

Stay current on consumer behavior to learn how and where you can nudge and disrupt consumers.

Behavior KPI Center

Quickly look up behavioral scores for ingredients, supplements, claims, benefits, and brands to make quick product development and positioning decisions.

Behavior Testing Center

Conduct proprietary research with the Shopper Advisors Community quickly and efficiently to improve new product innovation processes and measure influence and consumer impact.

Banner Knowledge Center

Behavior Knowledge Center

The InsightsNow Behavior Knowledge Center offers unparalleled access to instant knowledge and insights into the why of consumer behavior.
Browse recently published Behavioral Reports—with topics like packaging impacts and trends, plant-based burger and alternative protein insights, diet trends and consumer trust. You can select, download and start using these insights immediately to make business decisions.
Check out the many Behavioral Reports saved within the InsightsNow Behavior Knowledge Center by redeeming account credits.

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Behavior KPI Center

These applications provide access to unique behavioral scores that guide product developers and marketers to design and develop products that nudge and disrupt consumer behaviors.

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Behavior Testing Center

Order standard research studies with behavioral KPIs here and receive results through selected research report templates using account credits.

Research is executed through InsightsNow's Shopper Advisors Community, pre-screened to be specific category buyers and/or representatives of shoppers with specific buying behaviors (e.g. Clean Label Enthusiasts).

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