What cues tell you it’s a genuine Nutella, Reese’s or Pringles brand?

A sensory brand fingerprint is a clear definition of the implicit benefits and associated sensory cues which make consumers intuitively “know” that a product is an authentic branded product.   The sensory cues associated with the brand become its signature and are the foundation of all products in a line. This core sensory profile is critical to build into all line extensions for the brand to gain implicit recognition. Clearly articulating the sensorial fingerprint within the product strategy assures alignment with the brand strategy.


You will learn:

  • Learn what best communicates the sensory-brand fingerprint within your team.
  • See how a sensory-brand fingerprint can integrate with your product strategy to better fit category and go-to-market strategies.
  • Learn how to best fix gaps between sensory cues, design, messaging and communications, design, imagery, and packaging.