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Market Research Toolbox:
"Whatever Makes Sense"

InsightsNow works with you to design custom blends of research to best meet your needs:

  • Traditional Qualitative
  • Online qualitative, diaries, bulletin boards
  • Ethnography and in-home studies
  • Online, mobile qualitative research
  • Behavioral data insights
  • And any hybrid of the above....

InsightsNow is a different kind of research consultancy.

We specialize in applying the science of human psychology and behavior to your product innovation and development, brand positioning, and consumer marketing research projects—delving into the “why” to drive greater business success, faster. We work with you to design custom research to address your challenges and accelerate innovation by focusing on consumer behaviors and emotional drivers.

Named one of the most innovative market research firms in the world by Greenbook’s 2017 Grit Report, we're a creative, collaborative and innovative team that thrives on brainstorming with clients about their challenges and inventing the best way to get them the answers and insights they need.

We bring passion about discovering people’s beliefs, behaviors, triggers, cues and motivations to help you identify unexpected human truths against which you can inform effective product innovation, brand positioning and messaging.

Custom Community Development

InsightsNow and CEO Dave Lundahl were recently honored with the NGMR "Industry Change Agent of the Year" award for the innovative work building the custom Clean Label Enthusiast (CLE) community. Read more about the CLE project here.

Clean Label Enthusiast

Our company has been recognized for both our innovation and partnership in the industry...

listed in GRIT 50Most Innovative Companies
ARF Great Mind Award
Explor Award (ESOMAR)