Unique Methods and Metrics

The BehaviorLens Approach® group of behavioral frameworks form the basis of InsightsNow unique research methodologies.


Clean Label Ingredient Score

Get to the “whys” of free-from behavior faster when you gain access to the Clean Label Enthusiasts™ community.   That’s essential in today’s fast-moving, consumer-driven marketplace.

Custom research and interactive tools allow you to instantly tap into insights about how ingredients, claims and brands are influencing shopping behavior.

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Implicit/Explicit Tests

Approach or Avoid? 

Implicit testing avoids the inaccuracy of direct Q&A responses to yield a more accurate predictor of behavior. Through our simple context-based implicit questions, we capture native emotional (system 1) reactions as well as rational (system 2) thinking.

As emotional choices are faster, measuring time to make a choice adds a valuable, new dimension for more informed product and brand decision making.

Implicit testing - Emotions activate decisions

Discrete Emotions Testing

To achieve maximum success, you want your products to trigger the specific intended emotions in your consumer.  Understanding the emotions elicited by specific ingredients and sensory experiences improves product design and goes beyond “likes and dislikes”. 

Ensure your product is customized to deliver exactly the experience each consumer most
desires, making a better, lasting connection with your consumer on an emotional level.


PlayFULL Insights

A Play-Based Approach to Unlock Prospective Thinking

This play-based behavioral research methodology is a powerful way to unlock the prospective thinking behind key consumer decisions.

Prospective thinking is an innate way of remembering the past to anticipate and imagine future outcomes. PFI makes accessible consumers’ imaginations and client teams’ collective knowledge, providing an innovative way to inform product development, marketing strategies and brand positioning.

Emotions Testing gains deeper consumer connections to breakfast product

Product Spark

The Product SPARK™ method helps teams identify, as product opportunities, the subconscious sensory cues – that translate into benefits/Jobs – in a proven and proprietary exploration of specific usage and behavioral moments.

When using the Product SPARK™ method before developing prototypes, brands can gain visceral understanding of sensory cues to incorporate and avoid when designing product variations, delivering perfectly on core product benefits and consumer experience.

Chocolate Feeding Frenzy

Moments Landscape

Understand in which Moments of life people use your products and their purpose or expectations at the time of use to target your messaging for the greatest impact.

Behavioral Techniques


  • Moment
  • Rewards Sought
  • Memories
  • Moods
  • Implicit Associations
  • Environmental Cues
  • Consideration Set


  • Survey
  • Product, Package or Concept Appraisals
  • Diaries
  • Missions
  • Routines
  • Tasks

Modes of Thinking

  • Implicit (System 1)
  • Explicit (System 2)
  • Prospective (System 3)

Behavioral Response Measures

Behavioral Response Measures
  • Experience Emotions
  • Anticipation Emotions
  • Implicit Responses
  • Time to Respond
  • Rational Decisions
  • Purchases
  • Choices
  • Trade Offs
  • Metaphor Associations
  • Biometric
  • Eye Tracking
  • Click Stream
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Generating and Applying Behavioral KPIs for Faster, More Accurate Decisions
  • Metrics (Summary Statistics)
  • Statistical Comparisons
  • Predictions or Forecasts
  • Meta Analyses

Our custom approaches to research are award winning:

listed in GRIT 50Most Innovative Companies
ARF Great Mind Award
Explor Award (ESOMAR)