Moments Framework

Want to change consumer behavior?  Leverage the power of moments.

We don’t believe in segmenting people. We believe in segmenting moments.

Moment = People + context + motivations for decision behavior.

We know the same consumer has different motives for different “moments” which are influenced by context. For example, when someone is shopping in Walmart for an everyday wine to go with dinner, that consumer “moment” is very different than when they are shopping at a wine store looking for a gift or when they are on their mobile phone thinking about what beverages to serve at a party they’re hosting. The consumer is the same person, yet their motivations and context drive what they will find relevant and act on because these “moments” are very different. By understanding consumer “moments”, our clients gain a competitive edge to:

  • accelerate innovation of new products and services
  • reinforce decision-making habits
  • disrupt and/or change habits
  • uncover what will drive buying behavior

Become the hero of the moment.

Moments hold the greatest opportunity for brand and product success.

  • Every moment has a story
  • Every moment has an emotion
  • Every moment has a motivation
  • Every moment has a behavior
  • Every moment has a context
  • Every moment has an opportunity for you to be the hero

What’s your hero moment?

What are the specific moments where your brand, product or service has the opportunity to be the hero?

Win the moment. Win the Market!