Moment Mindsets

Want to change consumer or B2B behavior?  Leverage the power of Moment Mindsets.

A Moment Mindset  = A group of people with similar mindsets and motivations for decision behavior in a specific context, situation or scenario.

For example, when someone is shopping in Walmart for an everyday wine to go with dinner, that consumer motivation, mindset and context is very different than when they are shopping at a wine store looking for a gift or when they are on their mobile phone thinking about what beverages to serve at a party they’re hosting. The consumer is the same person, yet their motivations and context drive what they will find relevant and act on because their Moment Mindsets are very different.

Another example, an Advertiser wants to increase the effectiveness of their digital brand advertising.  Instead of creating ads and using them everywhere online, they hire us to identify, size and create “Moment Mindset Segments”.  That might be consumers in a Moment Mindset who “want to make something”.  The media buying agency buys ads where consumers may go when they want to be inspired or learn about making something.  The ad agency creates digital brand ads that will be relevant and persuasive for consumers in that specific Moment Mindset.

This works for B2B audiences too.  Perhaps a company wants to reach people who want to “make something” with a 3D printer.  We conduct research to understand what messaging and offers will be most relevant and persuasive when the B2B buyer is in that Moment Mindset.  And other Moment Mindsets.

It’s all about increasing the relevancy of the messaging and marketing.  Instead of ads being an “annoying irrelevant interruption” to the consumer or B2B buyer, ads and marketing can become helpful and relevant intersections that drive or disrupt buyer behavior.

By understanding, sizing and segmenting consumer “Moment Mindsets”, our clients gain a competitive edge to:

  • reinforce decision-making habits
  • disrupt and/or change habits
  • uncover what will drive buying behavior

Marketing teams work with us to learn how to apply our Moment Mindsets Framework to increase the relevancy of their messaging, packaging, advertising and point of sale to change or reinforce buyer behavior for specific Moments.  By sizing and segmenting people based on Moment Mindsets and then tailoring the marketing for specific Moments, marketers increase relevancy, which drives marketing effectiveness and buyer behavior.

Customer experience teams work with us to design and conduct research to uncover the “Moments that Matter Most” and what consumer or customer motivations and mindsets are for specific “Moments” along their journey.  Those insights help our client teams know what to do, say, and offer for specific “Moments”.

R&D and innovation teams apply our Moments Framework to uncover the product triggers, cues and motivations/mindsets for consumers that drive behavior or change it for specific Moments.  For example, when marketing tells R&D “develop a drink that makes a consumer feel like a day on the beach,” we partner with R&D teams to get the specific consumer insights needed about what combination of product ingredients, smell, look, feel and taste deliver the emotional benefit of “Beach Moment” in a beverage product. We do this through rapid, iterative qual and quantitative research and collaboration with R&D teams.

Moment Mindsets hold the greatest opportunity for brand and product success.

  • Every moment has a story
  • Every moment has an emotion
  • Every moment has a motivation
  • Every moment has a behavior
  • Every moment has a context
  • Every moment has an opportunity for you to be the hero

What’s your hero moment?

What are the specific moments where your brand, product or service has the opportunity to be the hero?  We can help you figure out how to Win the moment and Win the Market!