Decision Journey Behavioral Research

For Marketing of Brands, Products & Services

Our expertise spans work with insight leaders in brand strategy, advertising, digital, consumer & shopper marketing who work in:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Food and Beverage
  • Beverage Alcohol
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Pharma OTC
  • Automotive
  • Health and Beauty Care
  • Personal Care
  • Durable Goods
  • Financial Services
  • Technology Products and Services

With a goal of changing behavior, we focus on the why behind decisions, identifying the moments that matter and points of disruption where brands become relevant to consumers and shoppers.

Want to change consumer behavior?  Segment and target moments vs. people

Ensure your marketing strategies, brand messaging, media plans, creative, retail channel initiatives and calls to action are consistent throughout the journey and pointed toward the biggest predictor of behavior: decision-making moments.

Marketing and Shopper insights leaders hire us for our expertise in:

  • Custom behavioral research design for decision journeys
  • Online research and/or hybrid quant + qual research to address each client’s unique research design requirements.
  • Insights and reporting co-created and customized with you and your stakeholders for fast, iterative, collaborative learninggirl reaching for item in grocery store aisle with mom in the background

Using the “lens” of Moments, we’re able to design custom research to determine what impacts habits and behaviors by uncovering the Moments that matter most and the different journeys for those Moments. The holistic exploration can include:

    • Lifestage and life event influences
    • Product, service experiences
    • Selection/purchase/usage decision trees for different people in different Moments- online, mobile and in-store
    • Retail channel influences
    • Identification of behaviors and actions that signal brand consideration and purchase intent
    • Positive cues that make your brand relevant to the moment, or cues to avoid
    • The impact of advertising and incentives
    • Identification of new optimization: targeting, creative and brand messaging
    • Social media influences
    • The relative impact of different touchpoints- devices, retail, media
    • Identification of KPIs for today’s journeycouple looking at a computer monitor while drinking coffee
    • Motivations behind the actions and purchase decisions
    • Digital behavior (the influences of site visits, browsing vs. intent-based activity
    • Targetable moments for digital advertising

Make better-informed decisions and more effective marketing plans through identification and development of:

  • Product and messaging “cues” that make the subconscious connections to benefits for consumers
  • Targetable moments that drive decisions in a non-linear and dynamic journey
  • Holistic, integrated marketing initiatives that cover all relevant touchpoints across digital and mobile, social, retail
  • Best practices for digital and mobile creative development
  • KPIs for optimization of targeting, creative, brand messaging, attribution
  • Retail channel strategieswoman in wine store looking at a bottle while talking on cell phone
  • Disruptive marketing strategies at the category and brand levels
  • “New” success metrics for today’s journey

Marketing insights leaders also hire our team for:

  • Ideation workshops to look at path-to-purchase and decision journeys in a new way through the Moments Framework™
  • Bigger picture immersive research to understand the competitive landscape for how consumers interact with a product or service in different moments and what moments aren’t yet “owned” by a brand