Custom Qualitative and Quantitative Research

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Our custom approaches to research are award winning:


ARF Great Mind Award
2012 ARF Great Mind Award
Explor Award (ESOMAR)
Explor Award (ESOMAR)

We like challenges.  Want to brainstorm with us about yours?

As pioneers of new approaches to behavior research, we bring together both qualitative and quantitative research expertise to design custom research for your unique set of research challenges and business objectives.  We’re a clever, innovative and collaborative team.

Whether we’re working with insights leaders in R&D, innovation, product development, marketing, brand, or shopper, we approach each research project with a focus on excellent custom research design, analytic planning, and reporting to deliver the most actionable, relevant insights.

We collaborate and iterate with you throughout the process to glean insights:  an unexpected human truth against which you can take action.

Our custom designs leverage our unique qualitative and quantitative expertise:

  • The most advanced web-based and mobile-enabled qualitative platforms to combine maximum flexibility with rich response options
  • Our proprietary Product Spark™ methodology for uncovering subconscious cues
  • Holistic qualitative solutions emphasizing integrated teams for cross-functional approaches
  • In-context and experiential designs where we can observe and record behavior and perceptions as it goes

Our expertise in quantitative research spans:

  • father and son using tablet while eating breakfastApplying the latest in scaling techniques to quantify perceptions and behaviors
  • Real-time profiling and analytics allowing for adjustments to designs in real-time
  • Advanced mathematical modeling, including the latest in genetic algorithms
  • Context based segmentation
  • Integration of tracked behavioral data (for instance computer tracking of mobile web navigation patterns) with survey data and interviews
  • Proprietary Tournaments and other choice based approaches for understanding how people make decisions and what triggers those decisions
  • Product and product line optimizations
  • Sensory and ingredient drivers of preference and choice