Clean Label Enthusiasts™ Community

Taking custom communities to the next level

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By utilizing the CLE™ community, food company researchers:

  • Take advantage of innovative, new metrics—CLE™ implicit behavioral scores—to quantify ingredients perceived as "clean label" in the context of a food or beverage application
  • Gain access to a custom portfolio of services that rapidly and cost effectively tap into the minds of the CLE™ community
  • Move new, innovative products (developed based on consumer behaviors) to market faster, and with more success
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Deep dive into behavioral insights for faster, more informed decision making

Are you considering developing or modifying products to "clean-up" ingredient labels?

Tap into the implicit minds of your consumers through InsightsNow’s online custom market research communities, built with you—and for you—based on your business need. These communities will provide usable behavioral insights into challenges and opportunities in all arenas of your business, including product development, brand positioning and marketing messaging.

Through InsightsNow’s custom communities, you can:

Listen & Observe: What community members say and do “in the moment” gives you insight into behavioral truths.

Engage & Interact: Various integrated qual approaches with the online communities delve quickly into your consumers’ deep-rooted motivations and behavioral cues.

Measure & Understand: Using proprietary behavioral measurement and reporting methods, you can deeply understand community attitudes and
emotions to help you make business decisions happen faster, with greater success.

In riding the wave of providing products with simpler, clean labels, questions abound for product developers and marketers and consumer insights are lacking regarding functionality/sensory trade-offs and ingredient perception. Suppliers can provide a range of natural sources, but what about the consumer's voice?

A community of Clean Label Enthusiasts is answering some specific questions to provide guidance that speeds development and improves market success.

Ask us:

  • How you can benefit from the CLE community
  • Strategies to priming this community to optimize actionable insights.
  • Types of questions where this community is most useful:  eg. What quality trade-offs will consumers accept?  How do I know the priorities and relevance of each ingredient in my product and to my customers?  What is the urgency for my products?

Engaging with this community opens new opportunities to ride the trend successfully by zeroing into the heart of the market with sharper focus.

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